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Travel Tips

  • Dress respectfully when visiting pagodas, temples, etc.

  • Entrance fees at all tourist sites in Khanh Hoa are the same for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors. You can also buy insurance fees.

  • Many places close as early as 4pm, so bear this in mind when planning your day.

Besides the beautiful curved sweep of beach, Nha Trang is also well known for its many popular island tours. These can be divided into three categories: Nha Trang Central area, Northern Island area and Southern Island area. You can rent arrange yourself or directly book a tour from each islands tourist office.

  • Ask for every detailed bit of information you can about the tour you choose; the itinerary and what it includes, etc.

  • There are tours arranged by some island tourist companies, but its better to ask for detailed information from their branch offices in Nha Trang.

  • It is much cheaper to take a package tour to the islands, than renting a private boat by yourself. Package tour prices are usually very favorable.

  • On island tours, remember to wear a sun hat and sunglasses. And in spite of the generally mild waves, you may need to take some seasickness pills.

  • During the trip, drink plenty of water to combat dehydration

  • It is advisable to rent a car if you want to tour around the surrounding area of Nha Trang City.

  • Be careful when you decide to take the more high-risk tours, such as parasailing, sea diving, jetski, etc. Make sure you read the small print and check whether you are covered by insurance. Also refrain from any alcohol when partaking in these activities!

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