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Khanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Address: 01-03 Ngo Quyen Str., Nha Trang City

Address: 01-03 Ngo Quyen Str., Nha Trang City

Tel        : (84-58) 822229

Fax       : (84-58) 822260

Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism and Trade was established by unifying the Department of Tourism and the Department of Trade by Decision No. 5921/2000/Q-UB dated December 29, 2000 by Khanh Hoa Peoples Committee. 

The Department of Tourism and Trade is a professional agency affiliated  to the provincial Peoples Committee, receiving professional instructions from the Ministry of Trade and the National Administration of Tourism, to carry out State management towards trade and tourism activities in Khanh Hoa. 

Under the close concern and guidance by the provincial Party Chapter and the Peoples Committee, on the basis of major economic projects formulated by the provincial authorities, in order to carry out the assigned tasks and responsibilities, in recent years, the Department has focused on the development of major tasks so as to boost activities in trade import-export, and local tourism, contributing to transforming the local economic structure in the orientation of developing the industry, tourist services and agriculture.

The Department presently has a staff of 21 civil servants, distributed into the department of tourist-trade management, the department of general planning, the personnel and administration department, the inspections department and the sectors trade-unions department.

Also affiliated to the Department are the Sub-administration of Market Management,  Tourism-Trade Promotion Center and 4 enterprises assigned by the provincial authorities. 

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