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Journey to explore easternmost point Mui Doi

Mui Doi, the easternmost point on the mainland of Vietnam is a unique landscape in Khanh Hoa province. There have been no statistics on the number of people who have set foot on Mui Doi, but it can be said that Mui Doi is one of the dream destinations of every backpackers who like chanllenges.

Journey to explore easternmost point Mui Doi

From Dam Mon (Van Ninh district) to the top of Mui Doi, travellers  must go through 2 stages: from Dam Mon to Bai Rang (at the foot of Mui Doi) and from Bai Rang jumping to the rock, then climbing to the top. There are 2 ways to get to Bai Rang. One is by motor boat, for about an hour, starting from Dam Mon in the afternoon. The second way is to jog from the morning. In both ways, travellers must gather at Bai Rang in the afternoon, set up a tent to sleep there in the evening in order to climb to the top to welcome the sunrise.


The road from Dam Mon to Bai Rang is about 12km long with 3 types of terrains, including crossing the sand, going by the sea and wading in the coastal forest with 3 main peaks. There are also a lot of steep hills, quicksand…

Only the section by the edge of the sea water is quite leisurely for travellers because the breeze is cool, the sand is smooth. The section through sand has fantastic landscape with yellow sand hills, scrub bushes, blue sky, white clouds and sunshine. But it’s so hot when jogging across the sand. Perhaps, the most tired is the third section where travellers have to cross forests. It takes from 9 am to 5 pm to finish three section to reach Bai Rang. At Bai Rang, travellers set up tents, have dinner and sleep. In the early morning, they climb to the top of Mui Doi to catch the first sunshine. 

The feeling of being one of the first in the country to embrace the sun gradually emerging from the sea is not only pristine but also sacred. Therefore, so many people have overcome difficulties and dangers to set foot on Mui Doi.

Che Diem Tram

Translated by T.T


Author: Che Diem Tram
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