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Khanh Hoa Overview

Khanh Hoa is the coastal South Central of Vietnam. To the north, it borders to Phu Yen, to the south, borders Ninh Thuan, to the west, borders Daklak, Lam dong, to the east, borders Eastern Sea. Hon Doi cape is the far east of Vietnam. The population is 1.160.100. the area , including land and 200 islands, archipelago is 5.197 square kilometers. The coast is 385 kilometers long with a lot of lagoons, bays, island. Truong sa archipelago has important part in economy, military.




Khanh Hoa has advantage in road, railway, seaway and airway.

In military aspect, Khanh Hoa has important part because of near the maritime way, Truong Sa and Cam Ranh.

Khanh Hoa is sunny weather, the average temperature is 26 C degree. The rainfall is 1200 – 1800 mm, the weather is sunny and rainy.

Khanh hoa has the diversity of resource, seafood. It can be process to export, the bird’s nest can export or processes to the valuable food.

Khanh hoa has the potential in tourism and service. It is one of top ten tourism center of Vietnam, Nha trang bay is one the the most beautiful bay in the world.

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