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Festivals in Khanh Hoa Province

Hung Temple Festival
The people who live or travel everywhere
Remember to worship the anniversary day of our ancestor 
on the 10th day of the Third Lunar month

The Hung Temple is tied to the historical legend of the Viet ancestor: Mr. Lac Long Quan got marriage to Lady Au Co who gave birth to 100 eggs, from which 100 children came into being, of whom 50 followed their father Lac Long Quan to the sea; while 49 others followed their mother, Lady Au Co to the highlands. The eldest son of Lac Long Quan stayed here to become the first king of Van Lang State. During Van Lang State, there were 18 Hung Kings.
In Khanh Hoa Province, the festival is organized annually on the 10th day of the third lunar month at Hung Vuong Temple, which situated on Ngo Gia Tu Road, Nha Trang City. This temple was built in 3 years from 1971 to 1974. This festival includes of respected joss-sticks offerings and offering flowers. All leaders of the province, departments, offices, and the representative religious, people within province attend the festival.
he solemn and unique ritual of the festival expressing the notable and beautiful tradition of our nation when drinking water, remember its sources, when eating fruits, think of the person who planted the tree, birds must have nets, human must have their birth places.   
Am Cha Festival
The Festival is held on the 1st day of the third Lunar month at Am Cha Temple on Dai An Mount in Din Điền Commune of Din Khnh District in commemorating Lady Goddess Thin Yana who is honoured as Lady Goddess. According to the legend, this was place where the Goddess descended on earth and lived together with an old firewood couple in her childhood. There is a temple and statue of Lady Goddess dedicated here. The Festival consists of two parts: the rituals and the procession. After the traditional solemn rituals, there is an Offering flower Dance, Vn B song, and other dances connecting to the legend of Thin Yana performed here
"Cầu Ngư" Festival
This is a unique folk festivity held by fishermen along the Southern Central coast. In the communal house of the fishing village, besides the altars worshipping the forefathers, there is also the alter worshipping Mr. Nam Hải (Mr. Whale). The whale is regarded as a prime God by fishermen, often holding out a helping hand to them in sea accidents. In Khnh Ha, the Cầu Ngư festivity (asking for good catch) is often solemnly held in the 3rd or 7th lunar month in the communal house. The festivity often consists of the Rituals in the communal house and the Festival in the village. The rituals include solemn rites of welcoming Mr. Nam Hải; welcoming the Mountain God ad Spirits onto the shore; presenting offerings to the forefathers; presenting offerings to Mr. Nam Hải; presenting offerings to major Gods; etc. The rituals are followed by a festival, featured by the performance of the B Trạo (Oarsmen) team, in which the oarsmen, holding stylized oars in the hands, dance to the rhythm of the drums and sing the folk songs of Region V, illustrating the fishing activities off shore and asking Mr. Nam Hải to grant the fishing population a peaceful life.
Thp B Festival
The Festival is held every year from 20th to the 23rd of the Third Lunar month at Ponagar Cham Tower in Nha Trang City. Thap Ba Festival is the largest festival celebrated in this region to worship Lady Goddess Thien Yana (Holy Mother). According to the legend, the Goddess is credited with founding this homeland, maintaining the race, discovering the rice tree, and teaching the local people how to cultivate. The main procession includes two parts: The rituals of changing clothes: (on the 20th day) consists of putting off clothes, old crown hat, bathing the Goddess statue with fragrant water and putting on every thing new; The worshipping ceremony (on the 23rd) is carried out solemnly to praise Holy Mothers virtues and to wish for a peaceful, happy, and prosperous life. After the rituals ceremony is Bong Dance (the dance like Champa dance), Offering Flower Dance and Boi song performances held on front of the main temple. In the old day, there had basket boats competition.
Thap Ba Festival not only attracts great number of Viet and Cham people to attend but also attracts people from other provinces.

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