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Van Ninh District


Area: 550 sq km
Population: 129.578 persons
Density of population: 229 person/km2

The district lies northernmost of Khanh Hoa Province, right at the southern side of Ca - Vong Phu Pass, with a total natural area of 550km2, in which 3/4 are forest land. The total population of the district is 129,578 , wit ha density  of 229 persons/ km2. The inhabitants live mainly on agriculture, fisheries and forestry. Van Gia Town is the center of the district, 60km north of Nha Trang. The trans-Viet railway passes through the district via Dai Lanh, Tu Bon, and Van Gia Stations.

Van Ninh is known to many for lots of marvelous landscapes, of which the most famous is Dai Lanh Beach, a beautiful site chosen by King Minh Mang to be carved in one of the nine urns placed in front of the Royal Temple in 1836. To the south of Dai Lanh is a stretch of wonderful landscapes, considered by WTO and UNDP as a complex of tropical tourist site with the most beautiful beach, as one of the most attractive beauty spot in Asia and the Extreme Orient. Van Phong Bay, with the farthest protruding part into the East Sea of the country, is characterized as a wind-free bay with an average depth of 20-27 m, close to the international waters. All these features are sufficient to provide favorable conditions for the area to exploit a seaport, an international transit port, and commercial services. Van Phong Bay will also be an ideal meeting-place of almost all the ports on the Indochinese peninsula and the Asia-Pacific region. The existing Dam Mon port is one with the greatest depth of Central Vietnam (which can shelter vessels up to 30,000 tonnage for exporting sand).

The minerals with considerable reserves that can be exploited in the district are Xuan Tu Kaolin, Dam Mon silica sand, Vinh Yen - Hon Gom ilmenite, Tan Dan granite, Xuan Son gold...

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