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Cam Lam District

Population:106,023 persons
Area: 547.12 sq km

Population:106,023 persons

Administrative area: The east of Cam Lam borders the East Sea, the west with the Khanh Vinh district. It is also touched by Cam Ranh town in the south, by Nha Trang city and Dien Khanh district in the north.

Established in May 2007, Cam Lam covers an area of 547.12 km2 with a population of 106,023 people, including 14 directly-under communes such as Cam Tan, Cam Hoa, Cam Hai Tay, Son Tan, Cam Hiep Bac, Cam Hiep Nam, Cam Thanh Bac, Cam An Bac, Cam An Nam, Cam Phuoc Tay, Cam Hai Dong, Suoi Tan, Suoi Cat and Cam Duc town.



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