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Khanh Hoa Province especially Nha Trang City - is known as one of the most attracting coastlines in the southern centre of Vietnam. According to official statistics from the Kbanh Hoa Tourism and Trade Service, there are over 200 hotels and guesthouses with 4,700 rooms and 10,000 beds located throughout the province, waiting to welcome tourists. Depending on your schedule and budget, you will surely be able to find accommodation suitable to your requirements.

Top range

Ranked first is the 5-star Vin Pearl Resort and Spa (Bai Tru - Dam Gia), a luxury offshore eco-tourist village on Hon Tre Island.

Located right on the beach is the 4-star Ana Mandara Resort with room rates of $183-363 in low season and $209-398 in high season. This luxury 20ha resort is located right on the beach. 16 tropical-style villas, set in manicured gardens shaded by green banana leaves, offer guests the ultimate in comfort, tranquility and privacy. Further up Tran Phu Street, on the other side of the road, is the 4­Star Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang Hotel. Room rates range from $98-198. Panoramas of Nha Trang port to the south and the surrounding spectacular mountain range can be viewed from the top of this towering hotel.

Middle range

There are four 3-star hotels and ten 2-star hotels with standard facilities, located in streets along Tran Phu (running parallel to the beach) and on streets just off the beach. Room rates range from $20­-100. Each one, such as Bao Dai Villas, Nha Trang Lodge, Duy Tan, Khatoco or the Vien Dong - to name but a few - offer good services and location.


Guesthouses or mini-hotels can offer tourists room rates of $5-15. They are particularly located on Biet Thu or Nguyen Thien Thuat streets, now known as pho tay - streets of foreigners! These are located a few blocks back from the beach. Services vary from hotel to hotel and room rates fluctuate according to the season. In the low season (such as November to December), you can bargain. In fact, if you take time to check a few hotels first, you may find yourself a good deal.

Island resorts

Khanh Hoa is not only popular for its beaches and clear azure sea, but also for its islands. Accommodation is now available on some of the islands. Hon Tam offers the best facilities. It's better to book in advance if you are staying a while, because of the limited number of rooms. Accommodation with basic facilities is also available on Hon Ong, Hon Lao Islands. On some islands, there is no electricity and drinking water is still transported from the mainland, but staying on an island is a different experience altogether. It's away from the crowds, you are surrounded by the silence of the ocean and have a chance to interact with local life.

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