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Truong Son Craft Village - New destination for international visitors

With a wide open space, converging various traditional crafts, Truong Son Craft Village (Nha Trang City) has become a place to introduce traditional crafts and culture of Tram Huong land. Recently, many travel businesses have brought international tourists to visit the Craft Village, especially cruise tourists.

Enjoyment of visitors

On November 20, Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship (Marshall Islands nationality) arrived in Nha Trang on a cruise in Vietnam. Many tourists have chosen to visit the city, including Truong Son Craft Village. Tourists of French, English, German, and Spanish nationalities innocently did cheraw dance with craft village staff, enjoyed holding hammers and playing stone instruments, listened to the sounds of the vast... “This destination is exciting. Many traditional crafts are preserved here, which is gradually disappearing in modern life now. I also enjoyed the performance of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments, it was magical…”, Mr. Peter White (British tourist) shared.

Cruise tourists watch artisans make sand paintings at Truong Son Craft Village

Recently, travel businesses specializing in organizing tours for cruise tourists regularly take visitors to Truong Son Craft Village, including luxury guests of cruise ships: Celebrity Solstice, Norwegian Jewel, Spectrum of the Seas... According to Mr. Le Huu Phuc - a guide specializing in international tourists, with the model of both displaying and producing handicrafts, combined with traditional artistic performances, Truong Son Craft Village is a very suitable destination for international tourists. Visitors to the Craft Village can see the artisans weaving mats, making hats, knitting nets..., observed artisans making sand paintings, painting portraits, embroidering paintings, making traditional musical instruments, at the same time immerse in the Vietnamese cultural space, experience cheraw dance, watch dancers, enjoy the concert of ethnic musical instruments in the presence of paintings, monochord, lithophone, T'rung instrument... Many visitors have chosen to buy pottery sculptures bearing the imprint of Cham culture by sculptor Doan Xuan Hung, Hong Chau Sa sand paintings, wind chimes... as souvenirs.

Khách quốc tế tìn hiểu kỹ thuật dệt chiếu cói truyền thống

International visitors learn the technique of weaving traditional sedge mats


Cultural tourism destination

Not only cruise tourists, a large number of tourists from Korea, China, Russia... also came to Truong Son Craft Village to visit and learn the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people. When Chinese tourists came to the village, they were very interested to see the manual pedal sewing machine, so they sat down and pedaled a few rounds.This tourist said that in the past, his family worked as a tailor, so looking at the sewing machine reminded him of his old job and his old parents who passed away many years ago. "In the last months of the year, the weather was not favorable. Therefore, instead of going on island tours, many Korean tourists turned to indoor attractions, of which Truong Son Craft Village is the destination chosen by many tourists. Many visitors responded that they were very impressed with the traditional Vietnamese crafts preserved here. Currently, tourists tend to prefer cultural tourism products. If the craft village is promoted well, it will be a destination that attracts various international tourists in the future," said Mr. Le Thanh Trung - gOod Day Nha Trang Tour Limited Company expressed.

Du khách Trung Quốc trải nghiệm nghề may

Chinese tourists experienced sewing


Nguyen Thi Le Thanh - Director of the Department of Tourism shared: "Truong Son Craft Village is an emerging destination in recent times. Truong Son Craft Village along with the Museum of Oceanography, A.Yersin Museum, Ponagar Tower relic site, Hon Chong scenic spot create a very attractive sightseeing route for visitors to Nha Trang, especially international tourists. During tourism promotion trips, the Department of Tourism introduced this destination to travel businesses in other provinces and cities. Currently, a number of travel businesses have researched and asked to bring tourists to visit Truong Son Craft Village and learn about the culture and traditional crafts of Khanh Hoa. I believe that Truong Son Craft Village is an attractive destination for those who love traditional culture ".



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