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Sea-island tourism of Vietnam appeals Russian tourists at the MITT Fair 2019

(TITC) From March 12-14, VITA coordinates with Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) with more than 10 tourism, travel and hotel companies and corporations of Vietnam participated in MITT International Travel & Tourism Exhibition 2019 in Moscow, Russian Federation. 

Participating in MITT Fair this year, the booth of Vietnam tourism with elegant design attracted a large number of visitors who are tourism and travel agencies, Russian and international media businesses.

In particular, at the booth, publications such as the "Welcome Vietnam", "Vietnam Sea and Island", "Vietnam's legacies - The harmony between culture and nature" handbooks, types of paintings and photos, tourist maps, VCD discs (English - Russian languages) and large-screen display constantly introduce Vietnam tourism with a long coastline, clear blue water blending with smooth white sand and traditional cultural values, all of which have left a deep impression on international friends.

At the fair, the National Tourism Year 2019 with the theme "Nha Trang - Colors of the Sea" was also introduced with a panel written in English with an elegant blue background and an invitation to "Visit Vietnam - Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa in 2019.

The image of Vietnam country with a variety of attractive, peaceful and hospitable destinations has been widely known by international tourists and media via the Fair.

The MITT Travel and Tourism Exhibition was first organized in 1994, and has now become one of the largest travel fair in the world. According to statistics, the MITT Fiar in 2018 attracted the participation of nearly 1,800 companies from 239 countries and territories, with more than 22,700 visitors and nearly 230 Russian and international reporters attending and reporting.

Russia is one of the key markets of Vietnam Tourism; it is also the leading market in the European market sending visitors to Vietnam for long stay and high spending. In 2018, the number of Russian tourists visiting Vietnam reached more than 600 thousand tourists, it ranked 6th among the markets sent visitors to Vietnam. In the first 2 months of 2019, Vietnam welcomed nearly 147 thousand Russian tourists.In the tourism promotion program in 2019, it is expected that the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism will organize roadshow to introduce Vietnam tourism in major Russian cities in the third quarter of 2019.

Some photos at the program:

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