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The Program of Tourism Development for the period 2001-2005 and until 2010 of Khanh Hoa Province


Khanh Hoa is now developing The Program of Tourism Development for the period 2001-2005 and until 2010  with 06 major socio-economic objectives:

- Increasing the attraction of customers and uplifting the income from tourism, targeting at 690,000 visitors  in 2005 (240,000 foreign visitors) with a turnover reaching VND 320 billion; 1million visitors in 2010 (480,000 foreign visitors), with a turnover of VND 500 billion;

- Obtaining an annual average growth rate of 10 -11%, with the proportion of tourism and services making up about 36% of the GDP in 2005;

- Promoting the diversification of tourist products, upgrading the standards of the sector, enhancing the publics awareness, developing the national character, and protecting the environment and landscape;

-  Together with developing outbound tourism, boosting inbound tourism to meet the peoples needs for travel, visits, and tours, contributing to upgrading the communitys living standards both materially and spiritually;

- Creating more new jobs for the working people in the sector, targeting an expected amount of 4,120 jobs (an increase of 1,250) in 2005 and about 7,250 jobs (an increase of 3,130) in 2010; at the same time, creating  more jobs for the wide public in services, production, transport,

To date, after more than 4 years of implementation, the Program is one of the most effective economic programs with an annual average growth of 10-12%, a more advanced tourist environment attracting more major projects for developing eco-tourism from inside and outside the country.

Only in the 3 years of 2001- 2003, almost VND 1,200 billion was registered as investment capital with a recognized capital of approximate VND 600 billion. Most typical is the 5-star resort of Bai Tru - Dam Gia at Tre Island (VND 450 billion) with the first section put into operation in December 2003; the 5-star Sunrise Beach Resort Hotel (VND 73 billion) operating since December 2004; Rusalka Project at Tien Beach, Nha Trang (USD 15 million); Song Lo Resort Project in Nha Trang (VND 343 billion);  Evason Hideaway at Mandara at Ninh Van, Ninh Hoa.

In addition, there are presently 52 projects which have been registered for investment into Dai Beach (Cam Ranh) and Van Phong Bay (Van Ninh).

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