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Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy to 2030 issued

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 440/QD-BVHTTDL on Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy to 2030 on March 2, 2023

Accordingly, the overall objective of the Strategy is to promote and position Vietnam as the leading attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia, affirming the brand and competitiveness of Vietnam's tourism, and contributing to the implementation of the goals of the Strategy for Vietnam's Tourism Development to 2030, with specific objectives: The goal of Vietnam tourism is to increase and better public knowledge of, interest in, and satisfaction with Vietnamese tourist attractions; confirming that Vietnam's tourism brand is an alluring, high-quality, sustainably-run destination that is the top pick in its target markets and caters to tourists with high spending and extended stays; Increasing the number of visitors to the website, members joining the social networking sites used by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, and the engagement and reach of digital marketing initiatives; Increasing Vietnam's position in the World Economic Forum's Tourism Development Capabilities Index for factors relating to tourist marketing (such as national destination brand development plan, preparedness to use information technology in providing tourism services, pricing competitiveness, etc.); By 2025, restoring and aiming to serve 130 million domestic tourists while welcoming 18 million foreign visitors, sustaining the domestic visitor growth rate of 8–9%/year. By 2030, the growth rate is expected to be between 13 and 15%/year for the arrival of 35 million foreign visitors and between 4-5%/year for the 160 million local tourists.

The positioning of Vietnam's tourist brand, the orientation of tourism products, market orientation, and advertising and promotion orientation are some of the strategy's primary orientations. With the primary objectives and recommendations being: Diversifying and innovating forms of tourism marketing while promoting the use of digital technology; concentrating, mobilizing, and effectively using resources for tourism marketing; promoting tourism communication activities; and improving tourism marketing capacity.

Regarding the organization of the implementation of the strategy, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is the agency in charge of organizing the implementation of the Vietnam Tourism Marketing Strategy. The Tourism Development Support Fund compiles, conducts research, proposes annual tasks, and submits them to the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for approval and implementation of the Strategy's tasks based on the funding provided by the state budget and the operational goals of the Fund specified in the Prime Minister's Decision No. 49/2018/QD-TTg.

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Author: Vuong Tran Tien Phat
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