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Vote in the 2023 World Travel Awards for Vietnam Tourism!

(TITC) - The voting site for the 30th World Travel Awards in Asia and Oceania went live on February 20, 2023 at

The World Travel Awards (also known as WTA) were established in 1993 and are a distinguished honor that are compared to the "Oscar of the Travel Industry". The award is given out yearly to recognize exceptional travel destinations and high-calibre travel service providers, and it covers a wide range of categories, including: airlines, hotels, resorts, tour operators, and travel destinations.

The coveted award's 30-year creation and growth path reaches a crucial turning point in 2023. Vietnam tourism is thrilled to be nominated in a number of significant categories this year, including:

  • Asia's Leading Tourism Board 2023: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
  • Asia's Leading Heritage Destination 2023: Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Natural Destination 2023: Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Culture Destination 2023: Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Beach Destination 2023 : Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2023 : Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Youth Travel Destination 2023: Vietnam
  • Asia's Leading Business Travel Destination 2023: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Asia's Leading City Tourist Board 2023: Hanoi Department of Tourism, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism
  • Asia's Leading City Break Destination 2023: Hanoi
  • Asia's Leading Culture City Destination 2023: Hội An, Huế
  • Asia's Leading Emerging Tourism Destination 2023: Ha Giang
  • Asia's Leading Regional Natural Destination 2023: Moc Chau


Readers may vote for Vietnam Tourism submissions by visiting and following these instructions:

1. Register/Create an account

2. 2. Vote for the Vietnam Tourism Award categories in accordance with the website's instructions. (note that each account may only vote 01 vote for each award category).

There will be voting until July 23, 2023.

Vietnam's tourism will have the chance to be recognized at the "Oscar of the Tourism Industry" award thanks to the interest and votes of a sizable population, tourists, and the community. This is a great chance to promote the country and the warm and welcoming Vietnamese people, who are always welcoming friends from all over the world to explore the lovely S-shaped strip of land. It is also a chance to showcase a national identity-rich Vietnam that combines cultural vitality, contemporary development, high-quality services, and a welcoming, secure environment for all tourists.

Vietnam has won numerous significant award categories for its tourism sector in the World Travel Awards system over the past five years, including three times as the Asia's Leading Heritage Destination, four times as Asia's Leading Destination, and three times as Asia's Leading Tourism Board for Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Vietnam's tourism excelled at the World Travel Awards 2022, winning 48 of Asia's top award categories in addition to 16 of the world's top award categories.

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