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VinWonders kicks off Wonder Summer 2023 festival

On May 8th, VinWonders announced the Wonder Summer 2023 program with the theme "Beyond Dreams, Surprisingly Fun." It promises to bring the most anticipated summer event of the year and unique experiential journeys designed for each customer group. Not only honoring the natural strengths and local culture at each destination, and investing in releasing blockbuster products and million-dollar shows regularly, VinWonders also pioneers in developing "festival destinations," offering enticing and distinctive spiritual delights.

The Wonder Summer 2023 festival series will take place in Nha Trang, Da Nang-Hoi An, and Phu Quoc from June 1 to July 31, 2023. "With a customized festival chain, we hope to make VinWonders a "speciality" of every location. VinWonders' aim of providing "real-life wonders" would be accomplished via the festivals and top entertainment experiences, according to Mr. Jurgen Peter Dorr, CEO of Vinpearl Joint Stock Company.

Wonder Summer 2023 will center on VinWonders Nha Trang with the WonderFest theme, a 45-day long international beach event. The first-ever "Flying Cinema" entertainment blockbuster in Vietnam, the Tata World children's festival with 150 children in attendance, the Refreshing Water World War event with music and dance in a lively atmosphere, a local food fair honoring regional specialties, a family beach sports day, and more will all be featured at WonderFest 2023, which begins on June 1st, 2023. With the involvement of US-UK celebrities and the hottest Vietnamese musicians, the 6-week WonderFest will climax in a huge and electrifying international music event. VinWonders has become a must-visit summer destination for tourists from all over the world thanks to this festival chain of major scope, which features 131 activities and events, around 800 shows and mini-shows, and promises to break records.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An now refers to "The Essence of Festivities" as its flagship event, and both domestic and foreign visitors adore it. The "cultural feast" of The Essence of Festivities will bring together distinct festivals from North to South in the center of the historical region over the month of June. It will have four festival themes: Northwest Love Market, Coastal Heritage, Gong Festival, and Southern Echo. The Dao Red Wedding Ceremony, Nghinh Ong Festival, Bai Choi Singing, and processions of the Gong Festival in the Central Highlands, as well as the performance of Southern Echo melodies, will all be available for visitors to see firsthand. Moreover, engaging experiences such as tasting exquisite flavors at the street food festival "Ganh Hang Rong Beside the River," learning to play the Khen instrument, participating in kite festivals, immersing in the dance of the Highlands Fire Lighting, playing traditional games like throwing còn, hitting , dancing sạp, and breaking pots, always offer profound and captivating experiences that appeal to families and young people alike. The experiential journey at VinWonders Nam Hoi An becomes even more complete with top-notch entertainment experiences: the spectacular world water war, conquering the highest free-fall tower in Vietnam, and exploring the wild nature on the river at River Safari.

The Cultural Festival at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An

The theme for the summer experience in Phu Quoc takes visitors on a Journey Across Continents. The mysterious The Safari Wildland recreates the enigmatic African continent, and the world's biggest turtle-shaped aquarium holds the gorgeous underwater world with its five majestic ocean worlds. Additionally, visitors can go back in time and explore the magnificent historical periods of ancient Vietnam in the "Essence of Vietnam" area, take in the tranquility and romance of Venice, participate in the lively carnival with well-known fairy tale characters, and experience the street food festival representing the five continents. At the top-ranked theme park in Asia, a collection of thrilling role-playing games allows visitors to experience the excitement of overcoming waterfalls, venturing into the Amazon rainforest ("Terrifying Volcano" game), uncovering the ancient Maya world ("Curse of the Evil Dragon" game), and embarking on a fierce river adventure with Viking tribes ("Warrior Village" game)... Stepping through the doors of VinWonders Phu Quoc, young visitors will embark on a magical journey to Alice's wonderland, explore the land of Persia in the "Adventure with Aladdin," or discover the mystical forest in the legend of Thach Sanh.

Guests enjoying themselves at United Center Phu Quoc

This summer, the VinKE amusement park and Vinpearl Aquarium Times City will change into a vibrant Kingdom to welcome families with kids for an enjoyable vacation. Children will have the chance to explore, play, and let their imaginations run wild through thrilling Carnival activities, dressing up as figures from fairy tales, enjoying the cooling "Summer Bliss" of homemade ice cream cups, role-playing their ideal jobs, and learning about the enthralling beauty of the magical underwater world. Additionally, VinKE blends the STEM teaching paradigm with entertainment items for the first time in Vietnam, giving kids engaging, vivid access to science.

Millions of tourists from all over the world are expected to have a fantastic summer thanks to VinWonders' carefully thought-out investment strategy, which also aims to help establish new "world-class destinations". This journey is a monument to the perseverance and commitment of thousands of "VinWonders hearts" who have worked together to offer clients first-rate services and innumerable beautiful experiences.


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