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Vingroup tests self-driving electric cars at Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort

Vingroup Big Data Institute has already conducted a pilot implementation for their level 4 self-driving electric cars at Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort (Hon Tre Island).

With 4 levels, an autonomous vehicle delivers the smooth travel experience for passengers without a driver. This is an applicable technology for autonomous vehicles operating in resorts or smart cities. Researched and developed by VinBigdata, the vehicle has outstanding features such as: high resolution map for areas which are up to 10 square kilometers; the optimal positioning ability with an error of only 5cm in the active area. It applies artificial intelligence combining with data collected from 2 lidars (distance sensor with light) and six 102-degree wide-angle cameras to identify obstacles on the road such as pedestrians, vehicles, and traffic signs with a high rate of accuracy. It has also the ability to automatically decelerate from a distance of 30 meters or change lanes from a distance of 10 meters when detecting obstacles blocking the road and is equipped with automatic parking feature.

Especially, the car can steer itself to avoid obstacles and then return to the previous lane. It is able to run on complex terrains such as hills, when climbing uphill, downhill; making a huge difference in terms of technology compared to current solutions. The average speed of level 4 self-driving car developed by VinBigdata can be up to a maximum of 30km/h, which is an impressive speed for electric passenger vehicles with a large payload of up to 23 seats.

VinBigData’s self-driving car solution is developed based on the most advanced technologies, demonstrating Vingroup’s outstanding competence in technology research and application.

Video: Vingroup tests self-driving electric cars at Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort



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