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Orchid Island and Monkey Island attract visitors on the holidays

On the afternoon of May 1, Mr. Le Dung Lam - Director of Long Phu Tourism Joint Stock Company, said that 2 tourist areas of Orchid Island and Monkey Island welcomed about 3,500 visitors to visit.  Previously, they welcomed 1,500 visitors on April 30. According to Mr. Le Dung Lam, the company aimed to welcome about 8,000 visitors on that holidays.  However, due to concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, some customers canceled the tour, so it was expected that the company would welcome about 7,000 visitors.

Một đoàn khách du lịch đang chơi team building trên bãi biển An Bình, KDL Đảo Hoa LanA group of visitors were joining team building activities on An Binh beach, Orchid Island resort.


With the theme “Excited summer” with Long Phu, Orchid Island Tourist Area had “given” visitors exciting moments when kayaking to explore the mangrove forest, checking in giant television model, heart model placed next to the 175 meter long love bridge.  Besides, tourists could also visit orchid road, butterfly garden, conical bungalow, bird circus show. In addition to the circus program “Monkey and friends”, visitors coming to Monkey Island tourist area in recent days had been checked in new destinations such as swings at the beach, Japanese-style house models and amazing “check-in” spots: Zone Studio, windmill, love garden, heart path, paperflower path, paradise ladder, colorful garden.



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