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Nha Trang to prepare Spring Flower Festival 2022

The People’s Committee of Nha Trang City has just issued a plan to organize Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa Spring Flower Festival 2022. According to the content of the plan, the Spring Flower Festival will take place in 13 days from January 25, 2022 to the end of February 5, 2022 (on the 23rd day of the first month of the year of the Buffalo to the 5th of the first month of the year of the Tiger) The opening time of the Spring Flower Festival is from 7am to 10pm. The venue for the Spring Flower Festival includes the entire Yen Phi Park, the children’s park, the sidewalk and the roadbed of Phan Chu Trinh street (from Pasteur to Tran Phu), Ngo Quyen Street  (from Pasteur to Phan Chu Trinh), Pasteur Street (from Le Loi to Phan Chu Trinh), Pasteur Street (from Yersin to Le Loi) leading to the Spring Flower Festival. Spring Flower Festival 2022 is designed and decorated with clusters of miniatures themed the year of the Tiger, with creative layouts and ideas to introduce the characteristics of culture, life and people of Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa, in which, the exhibition of ornamental plants is organized according to each cluster of topics, arranging flower and ornamental plants, souvenirs, and introducing typical products of Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa.


Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa Spring Flower Festival is an annual cultural event organized by the People's Committee of Nha Trang City in collaboration with agencies inside and outside the province on the occasion of the Lunar New Year to honor the nation's traditional cultural values, as well as to meet the needs of city residents and tourists in terms of admiring and shopping for flowers, ornamental plants, and cultural and entertainment activities. The annual Spring Flower Festival has become a familiar spot for artists from all across the province to arrange contests, demonstrate their talents, learn, share experiences, and market the products of local artists who create plants, flowers, and decorative creatures. However, in light of the problematic scenario created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Spring Flower Festival 2022 will only be held to showcase and promote the province's trees, flowers, and ornamental creatures. At the same time, visitors and tourists are obliged to follow the 5K rules when visiting to ensure pandemic prevention and safety.

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