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Nha Trang: Promulgating a Plan to ensure social order for tourism activities

The People's Committee of Nha Trang City issued Decision No. 3120/QD-UBND dated November 2, 2022, promulgating the Plan to ensure social order for tourism activities in Nha Trang city in the period of 2022-2030. As a result, the primary goal of the Plan is to raise societal awareness of tourism security and safety, take responsibility for creating a healthy tourism environment and civilized behavior toward tourists, build and maintain a beautiful image and tourism brand of Nha Trang in the eyes of tourists. It will also improve the efficiency of state management in all fields, develop sustainable tourism, link tourism development to the conservation and promotion of national cultural values and identities, effectively manage and use natural resources, protect the environment and biodiversity, actively respond to climate change, solve employment and social security problems and ensure national defense, security, social order and safety. Furthermore, it will aid coordination between departments, branches, and People's Committees of wards and communes in inspecting and inspecting tourism business activities, relic sites in the city, and festival activities, detecting, correcting, and advising proposed solutions to flaws and weak points, and contributing to ensuring security, order, and safety for tourists. The efficiency of the state management of foreigners' entry, exit, residence and activities is also improved. The camera system of the Command Information Center, the Center for Control and Monitoring of Traffic in Nha Trang City are upgraded and expanded The application of information technology will be promoted in the State management of security and order, quickly receive information and promptly handle complaints and suggestions of tourists related to security and order issues through social networks.

The Plan's content on maintaining security and safety in tourism-related activities is divided into four main sections: ensuring safety in tourism-related activities, security and order, social safety, and crime prevention, as well as attracting investment projects and resources. Implementation measures include propaganda, state management in tourism activities, prevention, fight and suppression of crimes,management of activities of foreigners and the coordination of related units. The Plan also assigns tasks to the Nha Trang City Public Security, the Department of Culture and Information, the Office of the People's Committee and the City People's Council, the City Military Command, Border guard stations in the city and functional departments under the People's Committee of the city, communes and wards; at the same time, the Plan also proposes agencies to coordinate in implementation such as the Department of Tourism, and the Department of Culture and Sports.

Total project implementation cost: VND 3,808,600,000, divided into 02 phases: 2022 - 2025: VND 1,655,200,000, 2022 - 2023: VND 948,400,000, 2024 - 2025: VND 706,800,000; 2026 - 2030: VND 2,153,400,000, 2026 - 2028: VND 1,149,200,000, 2028 - 2030: VND  1,004,200,000.

Luyen Manh Cuong – Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Information Center

Author: Luyen Manh Cuong
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