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Khanh Hoa allows F0 tourists to receive treatment at eligible accommodation establishments

Khanh Hoa Department of Health just issued Official Letter No. 334/SYT-NVYD dated January 20, 2022 allowing F0 tourists to receive treatment at eligible accommodation establishments. Accordingly, F0 tourists are treated at accommodation establishments with separate rooms, eligible for on-site isolation under "4 on the spot" to generate a comfortable environment for tourists, the Department of Health agreed that tourists under the Vaccine Passport program who are F0 with no symptom or mild symptoms are isolated and treated at eligible accommodation establishments with separate rooms, at the request of the Department of Tourism in Official Letter No. 2561/SDL-QLDL dated December 30, 2021.

The Department of Health proposes the Department of Tourism to direct and guide accommodation establishments and travel agents to ensure the implementation of the above contents and the following contents: separate rooms eligible for on-site isolation, with medical staff to monitor daily health for F0 tourists and related cases of F1, F2, assurance of necessary medical equipment, infectious waste treatment and infection control in accommodation establishments. The above contents shall be reported in writing to the Department of Tourism and the Department of Health for monitoring, management and direction. F0 tourists (or guardians) are instructed to write and sign a commitment to take health care measures at their accommodation establishments with the signature of accommodation establishments' representatives. Accommodation establishments shall keep and manage such written commitments. F0, F1, F2 tourists shall be managed strictly to comply with the implementation of isolation at accommodation establishments. Accommodation establishments are primarily responsible for monitoring, providing daily health care for F0 tourists and related F1, F2 cases, and managing to prevent infection at accommodation establishments, actively coordinating and reporting to the Center for Disease Control and Medical Centers in the locality and related medical units to monitor and support upon occurence of events.



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