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Dynamic summer with Khatoco tourism

Summer is the most active tourist season of the year when tourists and their families can freely take tour to anywhere, visit around the Agarwood land with Khatoco tourism. Especially, on the occasion of April 30 and May 1-5, Yang Bay Park, Monkey Island and Orchid Island welcomed tourists with a variety of unique and attractive services with attractive prices.

Visiting Yang Bay for fun and relaxation

Yang Bay Park remains a hot spot for tourists every summer, especially the occasion of April 30 and May 1-5 thanks to its wild beauty of the immense mountain forest, majestic waterfall and fresh air. Visiting Yang Bay, tourists can take a relaxing bath in the natural hot mineral water, enjoy the cool air, and admire the spacious scenery of mountains and forests. Yang Bay also offers tourists a myriad of interesting and novel services and games, etc.

Thác Yang Bay.

Yang Bay Waterfall.

The destination that always attracts tourists coming to Yang Bay is Ho-Cho Waterfall located deep in the cool primeval forest.  The nature has endowed this area with two hot and cold mineral water streams which are just one step apart. The hot water stream flows in parallel with the cold water stream at Ho-Cho Waterfall, forming hot mineral ponds with different temperatures along natural rock holes, bringing a rustic and close-to-nature feeling.  Visting Yang Bay, tourists can also experience the herbal mineral bath service. Many tourists who experienced this service shared that the natural hot mineral is already great, but when it was combined with traditional herbals, it became even better with the effects of relaxing tendons, muscles, vasculature unclogging, pain and numbness treatment ... and especially benefiting skin beauty.


Tắm khoáng tại Yang BayMineral bath at Yang Bay


Coming to Yang Bay, romantic souls should not miss streets filled with colorful flowers.  Tropical flower gardens with hundreds of varieties of blooming colorful roses appeal tourists to Yang Bay. This is also a sacred place for tourists who want to entrust their dreams to the 500-year-old God tree that stands tall to guard Yang Bay. In addition, tourists can also have fascinating experiences, immersing themselves in the bustling atmosphere by participating in unique and attractive games such as bottle-feeding to fish, crocodile fishing, ostrich riding, fish massage, pig racing, chicken fighting, taking pictures with birds, dinosaur park, etc. Visiting Yang Bay, tourists are also given the chance to enjoy specialties of this tourist park, and admire traditional cultural performances of indigenous Raglai people, etc.


Trò chơi cá bú bình tại Yang BayBottle-feeding to fish at Yang Bay

On the occasion of April 30 and May 1-5, tourists visiting Yang Bay also had refreshing experiences at the medicinal herb garden and organic vegetable garden on an area of ​​35 hectares where they can plant and collect medicinal herbs and organic vegetables by themselves. Especially, from April 30 to May 7, Yang Bay offers a discount of 15% for all service packages to tourists visiting this destination.

“Rousing summer” in Long Phu Tourist Area

It is shared by a large number of tourists that summer vacation with the sea and islands in Nha Phu Lagoon is the best because they can swim, take a cool bath, have a picnic and admire the sea view, etc. To welcome the summer 2021, Long Phu Tourist Area offered tourism products in which relaxing acitivities are combine with practical experiences, and offered discount policy directly to tourists when booking tickets to Monkey Island and Orchid Island via the website


Đảo Khỉ

Monkey Island

Tekking rừng ngập mặn tại Đảo Hoa LanMangrove Trekking at Orchid Island


This summer, Monkey Island is eager to welcome tourists to the land of more than 1,200 monkey residing here, and enjoy the live show of “Monkey and friends”. Monkey Island is always impressive with new “virtual life” check-in models and sea-view backgrounds that capture the hearts of many tourists. Tourists are rendered consecutive check-in areas spreading evenly on the beach, such as Zone Studio, the Windmill, the Love Garden, the Heart Path, the Confetti Path, the Paradise Ladder, the Colorful Stone Garden, etc. In addition, in this summer, Monkey Island also launched new check-in models such as Swing on the sea, Japanese-style and Dutch-style houses, etc. If tourists are adventure enthusiasts, the Prokart racing and scuba diving can help tourists feel satisfied right at the moment of experiencing (self-sufficiency).

Điểm check in tại Đảo Khỉ


Check-in points at Monkey Island

Khỉ thi bơi tại Đảo KhỉMonkey swimming competition at Monkey Island

In addition to familiar check-in spots at the Orchid Island such as the Love Bridge, the Giant Guitar, the Orchid Road, the Butterfly Garden, the Conical Wooden House and the Bird Circus (parrots, eagles, doves, oriental pied hornbill, African ostriches), etc., this summer, Orchid Island also launched a new check-in spot in the mangrove forest: the Giant television model, the heart model placed next to the love bridge which is 175m long, kayaking to explore mangrove forests with a route length of 2km, check-in and camping on An Binh Beach to watch the breath-taking sunrise and sunset on the island.

Hồ cá Koi tại Đảo Hoa LanKoi Fish Aquarium at Orchid Island


Monkey Island - Orchid Island

Hotline: 0941 267 267



Yang Bay Park

Hotline: 0901 929 121


During this summer, Long Phu launched a set of Camping products on Orchid Island for groups of 10 tourists or more with a preferential price of VND 700,000/tourist (the price includes the costs of transportation boat, entrance ticket, glamping tent, BBQ party, camping area set-up, circus performance, etc.). In addition, Long Phu Tourist Area also offerd a 20% discount policy on tickets for tourists booking online at the website:

With the theme of “Rousing summer” at Long Phu Tourist Area, tour packages built by Long Phu Tourist Area to introduce to the market are equally attractive to serve tourists on the occasions of April 30, May 1-5 and this summer. Specifically, the combo package of hotel, shuttle bus and a 3 day 2 night tour (3-star to 5-star hotels) in Nha Trang is priced from only VND 1,290,000/person. In particular, the tour is designed to extremely hot destinations with super cheap price of Nha Trang - Phu Quoc flights rendered by Vietjet Air, ranging from VND 3,990,000/ person with a duration of 3 days 2 nights, etc.

Proud to be a professional travel agent in Khanh Hoa that offering safe and friendly destinations (Monkey Island and Orchid Island), Long Phu Tourist Area will definitely provide tourists with new experiences and impressive trips this summer. Don't hesitate to contact Long Phu Tourist Area, bringing tourists satisfaction with the smallest detail.


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