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Raw fish salads


The Khanh Hoa raw fish dish is not as famous as the traditional La Vong grilled fish known to Hanoi, but it still has a unique quality.

It's delicious and safe to eat, so try not to miss it. The dish is made mainly from live Mai or Mu (Grouper) fish. It's not necessary to cook this dish, so the vital ingredients for a perfect dish are very fresh fish and adequate spices. Spices used with the raw fish are diverse. They include various kinds of raw herbs (mint, perilla, fragrant knotweed, coriander, etc.) and spices (mango browse, apricot leaves, galangal, ginger, etc.), bulbs and fruits (star fruit, green banana, green pineapple, etc). These ingredients allegedly get rid of the fishy smell, accentuate the fish and make it more appetizing and allow for good digestion. According to Oriental medicine books, this cold, delicious raw fish dish is good for the nerves, almost like a natural tranquilizer. Eating raw fish doesn't mean eating poison; it can be positively good for your health! Raw fish costs VND 10,000 a small dish.

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