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Hung Kings’ temple festival

Hung Kings’ temple festival associated with the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co of Vietnamese ancestor. In Khanh Hoa, the festival is annual held formally on the 10th of the third  lunar month at Hung Kings’ temple, also known as Hung Vuong king’s Temple (located in Ngo Gia Tu Street, Nha Trang city) by the ceremony of giving incense, offering flowers solemnly, respectful with the participation of the provincial leaders, the departments, unions, religious representatives, numerous people and the pupils in the province.

Hung Kings’ temple festival at Hung King’s temple -Nha Trang city.


The rites are solemn and unique to express good and noble tradition of people “When drinking water, think of its source”, “when eating fruits, remember who plants the tree”, “birds have nests, men have stock”.

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