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Cau Ngu festival

“Cau Ngu” Festival in Khanh Hoa is still retained the traditional ceremonies with rites: “Ruoc sac” Festival, “Nghinh ong” festival (Grandpa Fish Welcoming Festival), “Ba Trao” singing, “Tinh sanh” Festival, “Te Chanh” Festival, “Thu le” festival and “Ton vuong” festival (Coronation Festival), “Tong Na” Festival. With many special features, full of traditional cultural values and have a profound impact on the spiritual life of residents of the Island, “Cau ngu” Festival is a synthetic element of traditional art forms, folk performances, folk games, creating a multicolored and vivid picture of sea festivals, to be created, passed and preserved in many centuries by Khanh Hoa people. On December 27th 2012, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued the Decision No 5079/QD-BVHTTDL on announcement the list of intangible cultural heritage (Stage 1).

A part rite of Cau Ngu festival in Khanh Hoa. Photo:


Accordingly, 33 intangible cultural heritages have been recognized as intangible cultural heritages of the nation following the provisions of the Law on Cultural Heritage, including “Cau ngu” Festival of Khanh Hoa province.

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