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 Discover the ocean with your kids at Vinpearl
"Dad, I can stand on the water by myself"; "Dad, why does fish sleep with their eyes open? What are the things that the ocean holds inside, mom? ”… Endless questions and tantrums on the go all over Vinpearl resort campus, from the swimming pool to the bustling diving area. It is the atmosphere of "playing while learning -learning skills through playing" vacation for little angels who love the ocean this summer.

Free skill training program at Vinpearl this summer integrates swimming, baking, cooking, bartending, diplomatic etiquette to golf, diving to explore the ocean ... Each class is built according to advanced lesson plans, focusing on results and psychology of young visitors so that they can acquire skills to be learned as natural reflexes.

Learn how to "make friends" with the water

The swimming program "Little Swimmer" is a skill class that is most attractive to children. In this class, children learn "tips" that are not included in any swimming lesson plans: controlling breath underwater, practicing hand-and-foot-swimming movements on land before practicing underwater, responses when falling into the water ...

At the first glance, these skills seem simple but they are very necessary for a child to calm down and calmly handle when they are in a swimming pool or river. With only participation in 3 training sessions and absorbing the acquired knowledge, children will feel more confident when they come into contact with water and practice more skills to become a confident swimmer. 

Kids who already have basic skills of swimming will be set with "higher" goals. Coaches will teach children new swimming lessons from backstroke, breaststroke, crawl, and mermaid swimming. Especially, skills for support when detecting drowning victims are the most repetitive practice to help children to "know by heart" reflexes to save people but still keep the safety for themselves.

Teachers who are in charge of classes of "Little swimmers" at Vinpearl do not consider themselves teachers but trainers who inspire and build confidence for children when facing swimming pools and water surfaces. They are Vinpearl's best swimming experts and the Vinschool education system with lesson plans built on international standard aquatic survival programs, and carry the "summer mission" which is all of young visitors of Vinpearl will become "swimmers" in terms of ability to calm down underwater. 

Approaching the mysterious ocean from Vinpearl

If swimming classes provide knowledge about survival, the "Little oceanographer" Club at Vinpearl Nha Trang will unfold a whole new world of the vast ocean that contains many fastinating things for children to discover. 

Seasoned tour guides will accompany with the kids on the journey to discover the lively world of sea creatures that live ten meters under the water. Children are trained to breathe underwater, how to use diving equipment, diving steps and recognizing underwater signs ... After inhaling the fresh air in the sea, "Little oceanographers” will be of eager hearts to break through the surface to go deep into the sea and touch lively lives of the ocean world. 

Under the guidance of tour guides, young tourists will be given the opportunity to admire colorful fishes swimming in the water, touch coral reefs and seaweed that are waving ... The journey will also bring "little oceanographers" to the caves hidden deep in the most beautiful sea of Nha Trang Bay and take souvenir photos at Vinpearl rock. 

With the characteristics of diving techniques, scuba diving tours also marks the first time that children actually leave their parents' arms to reach the vast sea. The children will learn how to explore the world alone, interact with tourist guides and ask for support or interact by underwater gestures. Children will go on this journey alone to see that the world is not only large and new, but it is also full of small and fragile things that need protection from them. 

These days, children have shorter summers due to summer classes are omnipresent. Vinpearl understands that every child needs a colorful but not tasteless summer that can offer entertaining but not useless experiences. Including the whole ocean world into a skill-training program is how Vietnam's largest resort system brings the summer paradise back to thousands of children across Vietnam./.

 Until August 31, 2019, the series of summer experiences in the most diverse international models such as swimming, diving, cooking, bartending, golf and diplomacy clubs... organized by Vinpearl are completely free of charge at 33 hotels and resorts nationwide. All learners are granted with a certificate and inspired with positive energy for their own passions and favourite skills that they have learned in the summer. This is one of Vinpearl's special efforts to bring a true summer back to the childhood of every young tourist.

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