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 Mui Doi - Hon Dau landscape
Location: Mui Doi - Hon Dau locates in Hon Gom peninsula of Van Phong BayVan Thanh Commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province.
Features: It has a very beautiful natural landscape with different stone structures, especially, Mui Doi is the Eastern point where receiving the earliest dawn of a new day of Vietnam.

Tourists will depart from Dam Mon peninsula to Mui Doi. Dam Mon locates in Van Phong Bay, 8 km from Nha Trang city along Highway 1A to the north.

Mui Doi - Hon Dau landscape

The road from Dam Mon to Mui Doi is divided into two stages: the first stage is walking, then sailing. With walking route, tourists must pass through a 4km long sandy hills with streams, grasslands and two high slopes to come to Co Ong Bay - where boats carry tourists headed to Mui Doi. With the boat, tourists could not only feel the immense space but also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery: calm sea, clear sky with the wind blowing gently ... The first place that tourists encounter on the road leading to Mui Doi id Mui Khoi. This is a pair of rocks jutting into the sea, and due to the creation of the nature, stones overlap in each others, forming cavities for birds nests.

About 25 minutes, travelers will pass Mui Khoi and see a small bay. From a distance, you'll see a pair of stone with strange shapes, this is Mui Eo Gio. Within the area, the rocks become cliffs. Mui Eo Gio is the second Eastern point in the region (after Mui Doi).

Continue surfing via Mui Eo Gio, tourists will see Mui Doi.

It is called Mui Doi because in the same position, there are 2 cliffs heading toward the East Sea. Mui Doi isi also known as Mui Ba Dau.

Tourists boat can not anchor at Mui Doi because there are so many reefs, slippery and sharp. In order to get into Mui Doi, you'll have to anchor at the ledge that is about 50m from Mui Doi and go to Mui Doi by baskets.

With the incentive of nature, scenery in Mui Doi is truly beautiful. Coming in Mui Doi, besides watching the big rocks, with amazing shapes, tourists could also watch the beauty of the sea and the welcome earliest dawn of a new day in VietNam.

Mui Doi is a small island separated from Hon Gom island, in the northeast of Mui Doi and about 500 meters from the mainland. On the island, there are many big rocks with strange shapes, such as: a beautiful mother, a baby, monkeys, seals, elephants ... and many other attractive landscape.

One of the priceless scenery of Mui Doi is stone structures forming amazing statues, notably, there are two huge rocks jutting up high, shaped like two head of the mother and baby heading out to the sea. This is the reason why Hon Doi is called Hon Dau.

Mui Doi and Hon Dau are places of birds nest and their shelters. Since 2003, people have started to protect and develop the caves at Mui Doi - Hon Dau.

In 2005, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to recognize Mui Doi - Hon Dau as national heritage.

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