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 Sheep field Fairy Stream: New tourism attraction in Cam Ranh
Rescently, Sheep Field Fairy Stream in Cam Thinh Dong Commune, Cam Ranh city is a new online check-in hot-spot , which has attracted many young persons for nearly one month of operaion.

Sheep field Fairy Stream is located adjacent to Ninh Thuan province (on the road toward Vinh Hy, about 1 km from Highway 1). This is a large area with stunning landscapes and refreshingly running stream. The highlight of this attraction is a herd of nearly 100 lambs that is carefully cared for the purpose of checking in here. Tickets to this tourist destination are VND 30,000.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Truc – the owner of Sheep field Fairy Stream says that in 2008, when carrying toutists to tourist areas, he detected Cam Ranh had many potential but untapped beautiful areas, so he desired building a wild tourist area at where to raise sheep and plant flowers. After then, he spent all his earned money in buying land and borrowed money from friends and relatives to invest in huts, artificial running streams, flower growing and sheep feeding. He started to open the sheep field on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year. Although still having many investment ideas in this project, he has not implemented them yet due to the limited budget.

According to Mr. Dang Van Thu - Chairman of Cam Thinh Dong Commune People's Committee, as having just come into operation, Sheep Field Fairy Stream has not yet been evaluated effectively, but this is also a new model that is interested by tourists and enriches tourism products in Cam Ranh. If well developed, Sheep Field Fairy Stream will become an ideal destination for tourists coming to Vinh Hy or Binh Lap. However, this area is likely to be flooded during the rainy season due to its sunken terrain.
According to Ms. Le Thanh Ha (Nha Trang tourist), now many young people are quite boring modern and luxury tourist spots, so a wild and fancy one would be better. Sheep Field Fairy Stream features with quite pristine sceneries and is surrounded by many famous tourist attractions such as: Sao Bien Tourist Area, Ngoc Suong Tourist Area, etc. so leisure travel may be applied to here. However, according to Mr. Phan Van The (Nha Trang), there is no service staff here and only shrimp noodles as foods, etc.
The Owner also acknowledged many shortcomings in service. The reason is that they do not have enough money to hire many employees as well as chefs to serve tourists because of low number of tourists. "If group tourists want to eat and stay here, they must book in advance so we can prepare. We are acquiring the visitor comments to overcome the limitations.” Mr. Truc said.

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