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 Many solutions to promote tourism cooperation between Vietnam - Hungary
(TITC) - On 22/10/2018, Deputy Director General of Tourism Ha Van Sieu met and worked with Mr. Kristof Szatmáry - High Commissioner of Ministers, President of Hungarian – Vietnamese Friendship Parliamentary Group and Ms. Puly-Nikitits Gracia Kornelia, Consul of the Hungarian Embassy in Hanoi.  

Overview of the business meeting

At the meeting, Kristóf Szatmáry said that this is the fourth time he has had a chance to visit beautiful Vietnam. Each visit to Vietnam he is also as a different role and position, but Kristóf Szatmáry still feel that Vietnam is growing and significantly changing

Expressing the joy of welcoming the Hungarian High Commissioner - President of Hungarian - Vietnamese Friendship Parliamentary Group, Deputy Director General Ha Van Sieu said that Vietnam is now an attractive destination. It is also the tourist supply market for countries in the region and in the world. The Government of Vietnam has identified the development of the tourism industry as a key economic industry and there are investment mechanisms and policies to support the tourism industry.

On the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Hungary, Deputy Director General Ha Van Sieu emphasized that the Hungarian government had supported for Vietnam after the war and so far, this friendly relationship continues to develop to a new height. In 2017, Vietnam welcomed nearly 7,000 Hungarian tourists. In June, it’s the first time that Vietnam General Department of Tourism organized a program to introduce Vietnam Tourism in Budapest, which attracts the participation of a large number of tourism enterprises and media agencies.

To promote tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Hungary, Deputy General Director Ha Van Sieu suggested that the two parties need to exchange information for tourism enterprises, media and newspapers to promote widely the attractive destinations of Vietnam as well as Hungary; to plan the market approaching strategies by region based on the similarity of culture, lifestyle; to intensify the organization of tours, destination survey delegations,... for enterprises and newspapers of the two countries to participate in; to make short films, video about destinations of the two countries; to assist other country to organize tourism introductory programs, Cultural Days… 

In addition, Deputy Director General Ha Van Sieu also said that Vietnamese people who have lived, studied and worked in Hungary for many years now have the need to return to Hungary for sightseeing and tourism. These will be potential tourists for the tourism industry on both countries.

Consistent with this view, Mr. Kristóf Szatmáry believes that every Vietnamese citizen who has ever been to Hungary will be the most practical "ambassador" for the tourism cooperation of the two countries. Toward the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Hungarian-Vietnamese diplomatic relations by 2020, the Hungarian government plans to build a Hungarian Cultural Center in Hanoi, which will be an important and effective means of communication in enhancement of cultural exchanges, thus promoting friendship relations between the two countries.

Khanh Trang

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