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 Introduction Program of Vietnam Travel in Toronto (Canada)

(TCDL) - On 17/9/2018, in the city of Toronto - provincial capital of Ontario, Canada, the tourism promotion delegation led by the General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - Nguyen Van Tuan held a introductory program of Vietnam Tourism, opening for the first promotion activities in major cities on the East Coast of Canada and the United States. This activity was organized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) in collaboration withthe Hanoi Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion and South American Travel Association (ASTA), and a part of the framework of Vietnam Culture Week in Canada on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between the two countries.

The event attracted more than 70 delegates representing trade associations, travel agents who are interested in destinations, products and services and plans to bring visitors to Vietnam. There were 34 Vietnam tour operators and hotels with the desire to explore the market and seek business cooperation with Canadian partners.

Speaking at the event, General Director Nguyen Van Tuan emphasized that Vietnam has a wealth of tourism resources; Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable, Vietnamese cuisine is delicate anddiverse. Vietnamese tourism products are diversified and highly qualified to meeting the needs of island tourism, cultural heritage tourism, eco-tourism, adventurous tourism. During the countrydevelopment, the tourism industry has been identified as one of the key economic sectors and has experienced remarkable growth. Vietnam has become a popular destination for travelers around the world. In 2017, Vietnam has welcomed nearly 13 million international visitors, an increase of 29% compared to 2016. At the ceremony held in Hong Kong on September 3, Vietnam has been honoredas Asia's leading destination in 2018 by the World Travel Awards.

At the event, representatives of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism introduced and updated the development, policies, destinations, products and services of Vietnam tourism for the international tourist market. In particular, Vietnam has applied visa-registration policy extremely favorable for citizens of 46 countries, including Canada.

According to Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang, Director of the Canada-Vietnam Trade Council, Vietnam tourism businesses can focus on Canadian visitors such as young Canadians wanting to explore Asia as well as country and people of Vietnam, families going on vacation, Canadian schools and businesses wanting to travel to Vietnam for opportunities for educational and economic exchange. In particular, Canadian students wanting to come to Vietnam for practicingand learning opportunities, exchange education as well as employment opportunities in the education sector.

Especially, in the context of the event, the two countries' businesses met and traded in the form of B2B, directly exchanging with each other about their products and services as well as their strengths in order to find suitable partners. The trade programwastaken place excitedly and effectively which was highly appreciated by two sides.

Outbound Canada market

- Number of passengers: In 2017, more than 33 million people travel abroad, of which 25.4 million people travel for tourism purposes, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year.

- Percentage of visitor growth by geographic area: British Columbia: 7.6%, Ontario: 7%, Quebec: 3.9%, Alberta: 2.5%, Yukon and NWT: 5%

- Expenditure: According to the World Tourism Organization, Canada ranks seventh in outbound travel expenditures.

- Major destinations: Europe (France, Italy, UK, Spain, Germany): 5.7 million visitors, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America: 5.1 millionvisitors and Asia: 3.3 millionvisitors.

In Asia alone, in addition to China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Vietnam and Japan also have high growth rates in terms of Canadian visitors. Although the absolute number of Canadian visitors to this region is not equal to others, the length of stay and expenditures (According to Conference Board of Canada Report) are larger. Direct flights from Canada to Asia and Oceania this year are expected to reach 4.7 million seats, an increase of 74% compared to in 2014.

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