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 NhaTrang sea tourism festival: A place of converging culture colors

From August 03 to August 05, at NhaTrang Ana Marina marina, NhaTrang Beach Tourism Festival will take place and be hosted by the Department of Tourism, Ana Marina Company. This is a program in the chain of events for promoting and improving the tourism of NhaTrang - KhanhHoa to domestic and international tourists.

Drawing at NhaTrang Sea Festival - KhanhHoa 2018.

Coming to the festival (entrance ticket for free), visitors will join in Cultural Fair of Cuisine, travel exhibition and plentiful art stages. With the theme of combining cultural values ​​of many countries all over the world, the activities of festival focus on introducing the typical features of Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian culture and multiculturalism (America - India - Mexico). Additionally, 26 stalls gather many special dishes of each country such as: thick noodle soup with fish, Vietnam pho; Indian curry rice; Yangzhou fried rice; Japanese ramen or famous Russian salad and so on will be an enjoyable experience for foodaholics. All dishes are cooked by the famous chefs of the system of restaurants and high-grade hotels in NhaTrang such as Sheraton, Sailing Club, Ana Marina, Lousiane, etc.

One of the activities that cannot be missed in this festival is the tourism exhibition with gorgeous and impressive images of NhaTrang in particular and Vietnam in general. Come to the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to step into a colorful art space to sightsee the familiar but new perspective on the scene, people under the lens of photographer. Visitors will enjoy the sceneries in this tourism city and plan for the next trip.

At night, the festival also has unique cultural performances such as: lion dance, Champa dance, carnaval dance, Kpop dance and so on presented by professional art groups in NhaTrang. Especially,in the evening of August 03, at NhaTrang Marina Ana marina, there is an art performance of welcome and low-level fireworks. Music stars such as: Le Quyen, Bang Kieu, Ho Ngoc Ha, NooPhuocThinh, etc perform at the night concert. The festival also has daily recreational activities, sailing lessons and water sports for children, fly-board performances.

Exhibition of yachts at the festival.

 At the festival, Focus Tourism and trade Co., Ltd. (Focus Travel) has introduced the tour of Dream Cruise ship of Genting Cruise lines (Singapore). Ms. Joyce Toh, salesman of Genting Cruise lines, said: " NhaTrang Marina Ana marina is a very potential destination. This festival is a good opportunity for the company to introduce our tourism products to partners in Vietnam in general and NhaTrang - KhanhHoa in particular. Hopefully, there will be more Vietnamese tourists who will enjoy the tours of Genting Cruise lines”. “This is a great opportunity for our restaurant to introduce to domestic and international visitors about our services. We hope through this festival the reputation of the restaurant will be spreaded". said Anna Tovtrivska, Lousiane Restaurant's representative.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thanh - Vice Director of the Department of Tourism, NhaTrang - KhanhHoa Sea Tourism Festival is the activity to introduce about the cultural features and services of NhaTrang sea tourism. With KhanhHoa International Tourism Conference under the national destination development strategy, the festival will give a hand to the promotion of NhaTrang - KhanhHoa tourism to domestic and international tourists.

On August 04, in NhaTrang City, the provincial People's Committee held KhanhHoa International Tourism Conference under the national destination development strategy. The workshop aims to find breakthrough ideas, contributing to the long-term development strategy of KhanhHoa tourism, building NhaTrang - KhanhHoa to become a high-quality tourism destination. Besides, the conference also focuses on debating of marketing strategies, promotion and increase of KhanhHoa tourism brand...

                                            THANH NGUYEN

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