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 Other corners of NhaTrang
Considered as a beach tourism city,except for familiar island sea tours, NhaTrang also has other destinations bringing visitors unforgettable feelings.

It is Tram Chim (in Phuoc Dong commune) with lotuses blooming all year round, bamboo bridges crossing and leafy huts that make you feel like being in a field of Dong ThapMuoi. The place is still wild and simple. Straw knots are not used for making charms or scenes that mainly food for cattle. The lotus field in Phuoc Dong is originally a low-land where water spinach was planted in the past. From the beginning of 2017, Mr. Dam - the owner here decided to grow lotus. The flower seeds he picked up are from Dong Thap, with sufficient leaves, small flowers with lightly pink color.

Kenh Ha Lake

Another destination is located in Phuoc Dong commune, which has been visited by many people. Kenh Ha is also known as Dong Bo Lake, which has an area of about 30ha, preventing water from Dong Bo River, in the midst of tall mountains of green grass, with many stone rapids. Although the lake is artificial, the landscape is very poetic and attractive. Visitors can explore the lake with small boats, threading in the middle of the mountain, watching the lake open up to the mountain sides, sometimes encountering rock with stunning poster, or spectacular rock formations. Visitors can also take the small trail up the mountain, discovering many caves created by nature.

NhaTrang also has a road to fascinate people, which is the bougainvillaea flowers Bach Thai Buoi Street. To get to this road, you cross Binh Tan Bridge, turn into Nguyen Van Linh street, running along Quan Truong River, near the end of Nguyen Van Linh Road, there is a small road on the right of 5m width, about 200m length. The road has about 60 pink bougainvillaea flowers, planted with iron racks, regularly pruned by the Urban Environment Company, so they have gorgeous shape. Erly in the autumn, the road is shaded with red flowers.

Can you imagine the route NhaTrang- Pham Van Dong running to Luong Son? There are many beautiful spots. Visiting VinhHoa urban area, there is numerous yellow Cassia fistula Linn flowers, including grass areas for you to roll on when photographing. Touching the yellow flowers and green grass gives you the feelings of being in a large garden. Going forward, you will meet an area of white and pink cortaderiaselloana, running along the edge of the road, below is the sea and outstanding islands, creating a wonderful space. There are also rocky banks, embankments, milestones and pillars for you to take photos thesedays.

Visitors taking photographs at the moss bedsat the foot of Tran Phu Bridge.

In the green moss season, when the rocks in the corner of NhaTrang View restaurant or along the beach by Tran Phu Street, Hon Chong are covered a strange blue color, there are numerous young boys and girls visiting this spot to save their beautiful moments. The moss beds are located at the foot of Tran Phu Bridge, opposite to Nguyen BinhKhiem Street. Just at a glimpse, you will be amazed because the moss here is so beautiful. Green moss covered stones with a green shirt with each thread as knitted into each other.

Deep in the heart of NhaTrang, there are a lot of places where you have not visited yet. This is just an illustration of those places. Take your chance to visit other corners of NhaTrang, where you can find them simple but beautiful and unforgettable...

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