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 Hoa Dat Viet Galina Show has officially been launched

With the desire to give audiences artistic flowers, Hoa Dat Viet Galina Show has been officially shown.

The show was successful beyond expectation after one-month premiere, attracting more than 10 thousand visitors, which is the appreciation for the passion "Art dedication" of the the actors and models of A Chau Folk Arts Theatre.

Taking the theme of Hoa Dat Viet, Galina Show consists of 12 works, stories about beauty, sophistication in traditional culture, people and country of Vietnam from unique identity in Vietnamese custom, beautiful spirit and lifestyle of the people. These are the lands whose cultures are as beautiful as flowers of Vietnam, which were portrayed through physical language and live music and caused a strong impact on the mind of the audience.

Gathering regional quintessence

If the "Loi Ru Au Lac" opens as a prelude to return the time when there was Mother Au Co and Father Lac Long Quan laying a hundred eggs, in which the sons were hunter-gatherer, the daughters were skillful rice transplanters, with the rotation of time, inheriting and promoting the traditional beauty in thousand years.

"Truyen lua" conveys the origin, willpower, strength, culture of the Central Highlands

"Truyen lua" shows a new look, a new breath to highland Central Highlands with the strong and hot beauty of the Central Highlands boys and girls born, grown up, got mature and coupled up, overcoming ups and downs in life together, building up their homeland and country. The work has inspired young generation in terms of origin, strength and meaning of life, as well as introduced the cultural beauty of the Central Highlands.

The next indispensable destination in the journey through Vietnam is Hue-a dreamlike city with rich culture and history. Two girls rowing on the river, and the boys chasing to collect dreaming conical hats are a very poetic scene in "Nhip Tho Huong Giang ". Thanks to the harmonious combination of music and dance, the song painted a simple but delicate life on gentle and loving Huong river, outlined the beauty of the residents' life with Chau Van cultural heritage.

In addition, audiences can also enjoy syringes in the night festival of couples with the unique cultural features of the Hmong people in "Khen tinh", or the diversity of colors associated with life of Thai ethnicity -"Hoa Nui", the joy of work in the scene of "Net tru", or spiritual life of the residents in Cheo "Dao Lieu", and the joy of harvesting bumper harvest in Mekong region with the dance "Hat Vang" and so on

Performances through physical dance forms are to show the cultural beauty of different regions of Vietnam. Each item shows up the essence of Vietnamese culture from the North to the South, from the plateau to the delta. In particular, the highlights are the heritage areas such as Thai ethnic dance, ca tru, cheo, Hau van Hue, Tay Nguyen gongs, Southern amateur music, are the first 6 legacies of Vietnam being recognized by UNESCO. All are based on the origin integrated by contemporary folk language with new breath and look which is extremely creative.

Pure Vietnamese

This is the first time that a large-scale dance show has been staged in Vietnam with a magnificent, Vietnamese feel to attract tourists and honor Vietnamese cultural values in the eyes of international friends. Therefore, pure Vietnamese is shown very clearly throughout the show. All the performances were staged, directed, choreographed and performed by Vietnamese actors and actresses.

Pure Vietnamese is clearly expressed in every single work from people, music, costume- the dance work "Hat Vang"

The music used in Galina Show is a unique collection of musicians dedicated to the art of dance, many of which have won A-award. Combining movements which are sometimes smooth, rhythmic or strong and determined, dancers showed perfect vigorous music and 3D lighting effects are used to create a fanciful and impressive art space.

Not only that, the costumes in Galina Show are tailor-made, based on the characteristics of the different regions of Vietnam, but they are innovative, suitable for the taste of contemporary society. With a variety of motifs and patterns, the show costumes have contributed to making the soul and the items become more special, soaring, conveying the culture to its full as well as the new look of the market without losing its tradition.

Sharing about the work, choreography director- People"s artist Huu Tu said: "Visitors, especially international visitors, do not want to come to see the art programs that are not only simply entertaining but also shows indigenous culture in a fascinating way instead of watching because the show is included on tour. Hoa Dat Viet Galina Show is produced on that spirit, which shows high art and still meets the entertainment needs,which is suitable for the taste of contemporary public.

By art and through more than 2 million international tourists to Nha Trang each year, Galina show in particular and the Asian Folk Arts Theater in general want to dedicate to friends in Europe the quintessence, cultural heritage region of Vietnamese land. As a consequence, Galina show intends to contribute to attracting tourists and becomes an indispensable destination for anyone who comes to the beautiful coastal city-Nha Trang.


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