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 Khanh Hoa will introduce Nha Trang Art Discovery Tour

A charming new resort on the Nha Trang beach - The Anam is about to launch a unique tour to discover the galleries and houses of the famous artists in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa).

With the desire to introduce Vietnamese art and local artists to tourists, Mr. Laubichler-Pichler, General Director of The Anam Resort (Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa) invited Ms. Nguyen Hong Van, owner of The Rainbow Gallery, the first art gallery in Nha Trang to cooperate in developing Nha Trang Art Discovery Tour. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore more deeply the land and people here.

The works named Dance on River by the photographer Mai Loc

During the tour, art lovers will have the chance to visit the galleries and houses of famous local artists, which are usually inaccessible to visitors. Visitors will have a new perspective on the country and people of Vietnam through oil paintings, aluminum paintings, sculptures and also photography. Especially, tourists can communicate and study more about the lives of artists.

The story of the artist Mai Loc, one of the artists that visitors will meet, is typical of the change of the country and people of Vietnam. Mai Loc had lived in the most impoverished conditions of a manual laborer. In 1995 he met a Norwegian couple by accident. From there they have kept in touch with each other and the camera - the wedding gift they gave to Mai Loc - completely changed his life.

Mai Loc is one of the few photographers with many black-and-white photograph and color photograph exhibitions about Vietnam's landscapes and people held in Canada, Finland, Austria and many other places in the world. The painter Bui Van Quang, a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, will also present paintings of Vietnamese daily life which were painted by him with the dynamic colors.

Other artists participating in the tour include the Painters Tran Thi Bao Tran and her husband Luu Thanh Qua, Nguyen Huu Bai, Ngo Dang Hiep, Le Huynh, painter of aluminum paintings Bui Trung Chinh and sculptor Doan Xuan Hung.

Hundreds of artworks by local artists are hung on the walls and on the display shelves of The Anam

The Anam's interest in the arts is evident clearly on the campus of the Resort where hundreds of art works by local artists are hung on the walls and on display shelves. From December 26th to 29th this year, the resort will launch the "Artist's Garden" program. Guests can walk, enjoy and talk with the local talented artists in this garden of the Resort. Nha Trang Arts Discovery Tour will last for 7 hours and be held daily from 13:30, departure from the Anam. Tour includes car to pick up tourists from the resort to visit galleries and artists' houses, tour guide and dinner at a famous local restaurant with seafood.


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