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People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa Province agreed on the policy to permit Department of Tourism to call for investment in constructing a Stop at Cu Hin Pass using socialized capital.

Too much waste

Cu Hin Pass is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue, connecting Nha Trang City with Cam Ranh International Airport. At the middle of the pass, right at the location adjoining Nha Trang City and Cam Lam district, there is a very beautiful location for the people and tourists to stop for sightseeing and taking photos. However, this place has not yet been invested and managed, therefore, it becomes dirty because many people and tourists drop litter indiscriminately. “If this place is clean and a Stop is built here, it will be very impressive to the tourists when visiting Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa” commented by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Chi – a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City.

Through studying, it is known that, in order to keep the general sanitation, Nha Trang City ordered to place some dust bins here. However, these dust bins were only effective for the first time and no dust bin existed now. In 2015 and 2016, Ever Blue Travel Company mobilized the staff of the company and some other tourism companies to clean this place. However, only after a short time, everything came back as it was before. Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu – Director of Ever Blue Travel Company said that the company often arranged for the tourists to stop here for sightseeing and taking photos when the company picked up the tourists from Cam ranh International Airport to Nha Trang before. However, at present, before the existing situations of waste, bad smell, the company did not stop here.

A Stop at Cu Hin Pass

Agreed in the policy to construct a Stop

Recently, at the meeting with Provincial Tourism Development Steering Committee, Mr. Tran Viet Trung – Director of Tourism Department recommended the Provincial People’s Committee to permit the department to call for investment in constructing at Stop at Cu Hin Pass. “This is the place with a very beautiful view to Nha Trang City, especially at sunrise and sunset. This are was planned to become a Stop. However, because the works is of small scale, there is no component for serving the tourists and there is no unit in charge of management, therefore the sanitation is worse and safety is not ensured for the tourists” said Mr. Trung. Also according to Mr. Trung, the investment and construction of a Stop at Cu Hin Pass will be implemented following the socialization investment method. The Investor shall be responsible for preparing the design method for the project as well as constructing the works. After the works is completed, the Stop will be opened freely for the people and tourists for visiting and taking photos.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu said that the investment and construction of a Stop at Cu Hin Pass is very necessary and it is also the expectation from tourism enterprises. In many countries in the world, the construction of stops with the ability for sightseeing of the whole city is nearly the compulsory requriement for tourism activities. This is also a way for promoting the image of Nha Trang.

At the meeting of the Provincial Tourism Development Steering Committee recently, Mr. Tran Son Hai – Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee thought that the investment and construction of a Stop at Cu Hin Pass is a good idea and Tourism Department was permitted to call for investment following socialization method. He directed that in the short run, the department should recommend the enterprise to prepare the project in detail to submit to Provincial People’s Committee for consideration.

Hopefully, Cu Hin Pass Stop Project shall be soon invested and constructed so that this place will be no more dirty as it is at present and so that this place can promote the beauty of the landscape for tourism activities.


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