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 Tourism potentials of Da Giang Stream
Located in Suoi Cat Commune, Cam Lam District, nearly 40 kilometers to the southern west from the center of Nha Trang City, Da Giang Stream is a tourist destination for visitors to enjoy fresh air and wild nature.

It’s easy for tourists to travel to Da Giang Stream by motorcycle or car. The road to Da Giang Stream goes along mountain slopes, under green forest trees. At the end of Da Giang Stream is Suoi Dau water reservoir. Seting foot on the stream, visitors can feel cool and pure water. Especially, there are a lot of rocks with different shapes in this place. “Da Giang Stream has beautiful scenery and fresh air. My family often come here on holiday”, said Phuong Dung, a person living in Dien Khanh Township.
This is the favorite destination of many young people. They come here to enjoy the scenery, the coolness. They may also organize a small party on rocks or under tree shades. “This is the first time we have come to Da Giang Stream. We are lured by the wild scenery here”, Ba Dung, a leader of Winner backpacking group from Dong Nai Province.

Natural beauty of Da Giang Stream
Natural beauty of Da Giang Stream

Recently, some restaurants have been built to service visitors to Da Giang Stream. “Da Giang has potentials for tourism. If this destination is given more investment, it will be a very attractive tourist spot, especially when it is connected with nearby destinations like Hon Ba, Suoi Tien, Suoi Dau water reservoir, Hai Thai ancient house”, said Khoa, the owner of Suoi Nguon Hon Ba.
The scenery of rocks and water is also an attractive feature of Da Giang Stream to adventurers. Therefore, a company has opened a scrambling motorcycle service for tourists. “Riding scrambling motorcycle along Da Giang Stream is very interesting. I can ride the motorcycle and contemplate the natural scenery here”, said a Russian tourist named Svetlana.
Da Giang Stream hasn’t been officially recognized as a tourist spot. According to Luong Duc Hue, Chairman of Suoi Cat Commune People’s Committee, Da Giang Stream is very potential to develop tourism, but tourist activities now have been still spontaneous and small. We are expecting businesses to invest in Da Giang Stream to develop tourism here as well as create more jobs for local people.”
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