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 Discovering 9 impressive destinations in Hon Heo Nha Trang Peninsula
Hon Heo Peninsula is also called Phuoc Ha Son, located south of Nha Phu lagoon in Ninh Hoa town, about 50km from Nha Trang by road. Being a high rugged mountain area with 3 sides bordering Van Phong bay and Nha Phu lagoon, Hon Heo has beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches and once the revolutionary base of Khanh Hoa people through two periods against the French and American people.

1. Hoa Lan Island

Perhaps when learning about tourism in Nha Trang, you have heard Hoa Lan Island. This is an eco-tourism site located on Hon Heo Peninsula, with an altitude of 700m. There are many beautiful waterfalls on the mountain. In particular, the highest and most beautiful waterfall at 350m height has created a highlight for the resort.

Hoa Lan Island is praised by people for its cool, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful wild scenery. More specifically, there are more than 100 species of orchids blooming all year round, An Binh beach stretching along with fine sand, golden sunshine; ostrich, sika deer, peacocks and entertainment services such as paintball, ostrich rides, elephant rides, photoshoot with elephants, pythons, bears ... , promising to bring visitors more exciting experience.

2. Tien Du Lake

The lake at an altitude of over 310m above sea level is a very important work to serve socio-economic development and water supply for Ninh Thuy industrial park in Van Phong economic zone, Ninh Thuy and Ninh Long residential areas ... Mountain forests here are almost primitive, close to the sea, close to the plains, Tien Du lake is really a lake "hanging" on the mountain.

Elderly people in Ninh Phu commune said that once upon a time, on Hon Heomountain, there was a cool, clear water stream with rocks lying on each other like stairs, and many flowers and fruits in the forest. That beautiful natural scenery attracted the fairies. In the beautiful nights, the fairies invited each other to fly to the stream. So its named Tien Du stream, meaning that the stream where the fairies go on excursions.

3. Ganh Nhay Tourist Area

Ganh Nhay tourist area is about 7km farfrom Doc Lech to the South. Here, you can immerse yourself in the clear blue sea to experience a cool fresh feeling while enjoying the special flavor of this sea with typical seafood such as lobster and cellana, moonsnail, scallops.

In particular, this is a famous coral reef conservation area with beautiful and rich coral reefs; you will experience diving services to watch coral with professional instructors.

4. Ninh Van commune

Coming to Ninh Van island commune, you will receive a precious gift from the enormous nature. On one side is the deep green space of the mountain forest, on the other side is the vast sea of ​​blue water, calm sea waves stretching to the horizon, no one can resist the wonderful landscape picture in this place. The rooftops are surrounded by mountains and the sea. The first impression when standing from above looking down on Ninh Van beach village is the garlic fields that are divided into small eye-catching plots, the far away are the boats fluttering with each wave.

Most of the island residents earn a living as a fisher, so you will surely have a lot of fun to experience the simple life in this place. Visiting Ninh Van commune market in the early morning and enjoying the cake soup, fish noodle soup skillfully processed by the woman hereare also an experience not to be missed.

5. Boat with no number

There is another destination that you can not miss when visiting Hon Heo Peninsula is the nationalrelicBoat with no number. 235. This relic is associated with the good example of fighting and sacrifice of Captain Nguyen Phan Vinh and the officers and soldiers of the Boat 235. Captain Nguyen Phan Vinh was awarded the People's Armed Forces Hero and named to Phan Vinh Island - Truong Sa Island District.

In 2011, the 50th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Road at sea, Boat 235 in Hon Heo was awarded the title of provincial cultural and historical relic by Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee. On May 5, 2014, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized the Boat with no number at Hon Heo as a national historical relic.

6. Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is a small resort in the form of a homestay, built in the style of an old Vietnamese village with a cottage,earthen wall and lush green gardens. To reach this small paradise, you must pass 65km long road in the direction of National Highway 1A to Hyundai Vinashin then turn right. The special feature of Jungle Beach is that the room rate included three meals, free lemon juice every day, free to use the available services such as playing volleyball on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, camp fire every night.

In addition, you can explore the peak of Hon Heo, watch the only black-shanked douc langurs. The staffs at Jungle Beach are mostly local people so they are friendly, kind and laughable. Most visitors are foreign guests, because this place wants to bring them to experience the life of the old Vietnamese. So if you are not afraid of insects, the cottage with earthing wall, white rice and braished fish, dont hesitate to experience.

7. Wild Beach Resort & Spa

Wild Beach is designed in an architectural style close to nature, friendly to the environment. Coming here, you will separate yourself from the noisy life, much busy daily to enjoy the true relaxation moments. The resort is fully equipped with the necessary services of a high-end resort. Wild Beach has all 4 types of rooms: Sea Rock, Sea View, Ocean Suite and Beach Pool Bungalow. All are designed in a unique style imbued with Vietnamese culture.

Coming to the resort, you will have many options to enjoy local dishes, and specialties at Cashew Nut restaurant. In particular, on the beach or by the pool, you can organize or attend BBQ parties. A private dinner with the sea, in the starry sky and moonlight, the soothing sound of the background music or the waves will be the most romantic party you've ever attended.

8. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort Nha Trang is located on the beautiful peninsula of Ninh Van Bay, hidden among high mountains. The resort meets international 5-star standard with an area of more than 26,000m of "six senses" with 54-luxurious-villa system designed in the style of ancient European architecture combine with traditional Vietnamese style, demonstrating by roofs covered by rustic and pristine coconut leaves.

One of the highlights of this luxury resort is high-class spa services with effective treatments and massages to offer clients the comfortable and relaxing vibes. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort was voted as one of top 10 best destinations for spa treatment in the world by the British newspaper Huffingtonpost. The resort has also won 12 awards voted by travel agencies, popular travel organizations and magazines such as Tatler, World Travel Award, The Guide Magazine and Conde 'Nast Traveler ...

9. An Lam Villas Ninh Van Bay

Having a wonderful feng shui position, backing the Hon Heo mountain range and facing the peaceful side of An Lam Bay, An Lam Villas Ninh Van Bay is surrounded by lush tropical rain forest which is a source of inspiration for the architect who is in charge of designing it. With unique architecture, advanced facilities and professional staff, An Lam Villas Ninh Van Bay is soon well known to tourists all over the world. At the same time, the resort has high ranking voted by the prestigious travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler and the popular travel website Tripsadvisor.

Each villa in An Lam Ninh Van Bay is spacious with a swimming pool and a private sunbathing yard surrounded by nature. It makes itself distinguished with the structural arrangement of both the resort and each villa in an "open but close" way skillfully, making visitors feel like that the beautiful paradise here is reserved just for themselves./.

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