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 Prospects to increase tourists from Thailand

A famtrip delegation from Thailand have visited and surveyed Khanh Hoa Province’s tourism to carry tourists from Thailand to Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa. The number of Thai vistors to Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is expected to rise in the time to come.

The results are not commensurate with the potential

According to Khanh Hoa Province Department of Tourism, in 2018, Khanh Hoa only welcomed 4,178 Thai tourists, equaling 98.5% compared to in 2017. From the beginning of 2019 until now, Khanh Hoa has made increase thanks to direct flights between Bangkok and Cam Ranh launched by Bangkok Airways and Air Asia. In the first four months of 2019, Khanh Hoa received 3,659 Thai tourists, rising by 200% year-on-year. However, experts judge that the figure hasn’t been corresponding to potentials


Representatives of Thai tourism businesses learning about tourist products of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa.

Recently, Thailand Tourism Association have surveyed tourism of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa to operate tours for Thai tourists. The Famtrip delegation visited Vinpearl Land, Ponagar Temple, Nha Trang Cathedral, mud bath and some shopping places in Nha Trang. The trip is considered as a key to increase tourists from Thailand to Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa in the time to come. “In the first five months of 2019, Vietnam received 215,700 tourists from Thailand, a 47.5% increase year-on-year. The number of Thai visitors to Khanh Hoa is growing well, but it hasn’t been high. We hope, after this famtrip, Thai travel companies will take more tourists to Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa”, said Nguyen Van Thanh, Pernament Vice-chairman of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Tourism Association.

 Thai people are interested in tourism in Nha Trang

At the Gala Dinner on June 25, Thailand Tourism Association and more than 40 travel companies discussed with representatives of more than 60 businesses of Khanh Hoa about the cooperation to increase tourists of the two sides. Stating at the event, Thanapol Cheewarattanaporn – Chairman of Thailand Tourism Association highly appreciated tourist products of Khanh Hoa Province as well as potentials in cooperation to bring more tourists from Thailand to Khanh Hoa. “Thai tourists have known Nha Trang for long. However, there was no direct air route between the two places. Now, direct flights between Thailand and Khanh Hoa have boosted the number of Thai tourists to Khanh Hoa. We desire to coordinate with tourism businesses in Khanh Hoa to operate tours between Thailand and Khanh Hoa Province”, he said.

Representatives of Thai travel companies said that Khanh Hoa has very beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, abundant food, suitable tourist products, etc. Tourism products of Nha Trang are suitable for Thai tourists. The number ofThai tourists to Nha Trang will be higly ỉncreased thanks to direct flights. However, according to Thai tourism experts, in order to attract tourists, Khanh Hoa needs to improve transportation, environmental sanitation and staff service in tourist areas. "I see that the staffs in the tourist areas smile less" said Chaiyaporn Supanimitwisetkul - General Director of First World Tour Company.

In recent years, Khanh Hoa has constantly diversified products, improved the quality of tourism products. Nha Trang has more and more attractions, entertainment, cultural and artistic performances ... to serve tourists. “Tourist products of Khanh Hoa are attractive enough to Thai tourists. However, it’s necessary to have more air routes connecting Khanh Hoa and tourist cities of Thailand. In the time to come, we will make trips to Thailand to promote our tourism at the invitation of Thailand Tourism Association”, Tran Minh Duc, the deputy director of Long Phu Tourist Company and the head of Travel Branch under Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Tourism Association.

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