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 Traditional art forms attract tourists

More and more tourist companies and tourist attractions in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa are now incorporating traditional art forms into their tourism services to serve tourists. This has not only promoted the national and local traditional culture but has also diversified the tourism products in Nha Trang.

Besides seeing sea animals and circus seal, playing water sports, etc., the visitors to Soi Island tourist site on Tri Nguyen Island can enjoy the performances of Vietnamese traditional music instruments such as bamboo flute, “đŕn tranh” (16-chord zither), “đŕn đá” (lithophone), and T’rưng bamboo xylophone, etc. Introduction of traditional art forms has contributed to diversity in tourism services. This tourist site is still in the process of construction; therefore, the number of traditional art shows has been limited. There will be more shows in the future in order to meet the needs for entertainment of tourists, especially foreign ones, according to Vo Thanh Minh, General Manager of Soi Island.

A traditional art performance

Traditional art programs are also held at other tourists site in Nha Trang, and other localities of Khanh Hoa, for example Hon Chong, Ponagar Temple, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Merperle Hon Tam, Yang Bay Tourist Park, etc. Jayden Walker, a tourist from Australia, said that it was interesting to enjoy travelling and learning Vietnam’s cultural characteristics through the shows of traditional art forms.

Recently, within the framework of the Festival, the exhibition of intangible cultural heritages representing humanity and cultural heritage exhibition, Vietnam island and sea tourism, stage space in Square 2-4 (Ho Chi Minh City). Nha Trang) always attracts many foreign tourists. In four consecutive nights of the art program, the artists over the country brought the locals and tourists in Nha Trang numerous performances of the typical cultural heritages of many regions in Vietnam, according to Mr. Le Van Hoa - Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Sports said.

Catching up the demand of night entertainment of tourists when coming to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province’s Center of Culture and Cinema and Traditional Art Theatre have organized the art shows of “tuồng” (Vietnam’s classic drama), “bá trạo” singing and “bŕi chňi” performances on weekend nights for many years. The presence of traditional culture and arts in the form of street performances has more or less left an impression on tourists. Some private businesses have also invested in holding shows for tourists. For example, the night music shows about the colors of Vietnam’s traditional art forms of Nha Trang Tre Entertainment Joint Stock Company has been of interest to many tourists in Nha Trang. The content of the music and dance program has featured with pictures, melodies and lyrics with the national artistic colors. “Through our research, we found that there are still a few places for entertainment and art at night for tourists, therefore, we are determined to invest in this program. The program initially attracted a stable number of tourists every night, "said Nguyen Huy Han - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nha Trang Tre Entertainment Joint Stock Company.

It can be seen that Vietnamese ethnic arts still have great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. The important thing is that such beautiful and unique features of national art must be appropriately and creatively introduced and promoted to visitors. Because, in fact, Nha Trang city also has some businesses getting to doing on this field, but the ending did not live up to expectation. Making national art is difficult, serving it to tourists is more difficult when it comes to harmony between artistic value and the specificity of tourism activities.

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