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 Finding Nha Trang Tourism Messenger

Nha Trang Tourism Messenger Contest in 2019 has reached halfway. Many potential contestants have begun to show up ... However, the biggest value of the contest is not finding the winner, but the spreading of love about culture and tourism in the land of agarwood.

Attracting a large number of contestants

In response to the National Tourism Year 2019 - "Nha Trang colors of the sea", honoring cultural and tourist values of Khanh Hoa, looking for gifted individuals to promote tourism, Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station organizes Nha Trang Tourism Messenger Contest in 2019. The contest is not only an opportunity for young people who love to travel, but also an opportunity for Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station to search for new faces "leading" experience and travel programs such as: Exciting trip, Weekend destination... Although it has been newly organized for the first time, the contest has attracted the attention of the public, including nearly 80 contestants; in addition to contestants who are Khanh Hoa people, there are also contestants from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Long An, Phu Yen, Dak Lak, Hanoi...

Contestants film companion programs of Nha Trang Tourism Messenger Contest in 2019.

After the preliminary round, the organizers have selected 30 contestants to participate in the Studio round (live broadcast on FM radio 106.5MHz). With the request "introducing any beauty of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa", contestants brought to audiences surprising understanding of traditional culture and tourism of Agarwood land. There are contestants who also take time to build MV to introduce the beauty of Nha Trang. Besides introducing relics and landscapes such as Ponagar Tower, Hon Chong, Bao Dai, Nha Trang Cathedral... contestants also introduced traditional festivals, culinary culture, feng shui of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa. It can be mentioned that the contestant Ngoc Tram (Ninh Thuy ward, Ninh Hoa town) introduced Cau Ngu festival (Fish Worshipping) and the show of Ho Ba Trao; My Hoa with an introduction about traditional fish cakes of her family. Ngoc Tram's contents attracted nearly 53,000 views upon being posted on her personal Facebook page. Ngoc Tram said that she was born in Ba Ha village (Ninh Thuy ward), since she was a child, she enjoyed Cau Ngu festival and listened to Ho Ba Trao.Therefore, when choosing my topic to enter the contest, I immediately thought about introducing Cau Ngu Festival (national intangible cultural heritage) to all visitors..

Perform the role of tourism messenger

After the Studio round, the organizers have chosen 18 contestants to enter the semifinal round from which 8 contestants will be selected. From the semi-finals, contestants will draw a topic for presentation such as: tourism issues with environmental protection, cultural heritage, island and sea tourism or traditional craft ... To facilitate contestants with more knowledge about Nha Trang traditional culture and tourism, the organizers have arranged for contestants to meet folk culture researchers and travel experts to listen to introductions about literature and tourism of Agarwood Land.

The final night of the contest is expected to be held on the evening of June 28. The program will be broadcast live on KTV channel as well as live broadcast on FM, fanpage of the contest, electronic portal of Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station. Before that, contestants will take a field trip at famous sites and landscapes of Nha Trang. Mr. Tran Minh Thao - Head of Radio Editing Department, Khanh Hoa Radio and Television Station said: “In the final contest night, contestants will draw a topic, watch a video clip and make a presentation to convey the message about tourism as well as answer judges' questions. In addition, contestants also participate in the "colors of the sea" costume competition and situation-solving contest. What we expect is contestants demonstrating their role as a tourism messenger. Besides introducing the beauty of culture and tourism in Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, contestants must have a message to the public... Through that, the tourism messenger will contribute to spreading the love toward the culture  and tourism of the Agarwood Land as well as take responsibility for preserving and promoting cultural and tourist values ”


Mr. Tran Minh Duc - Deputy Director of Long Phu Tourism Joint Stock Company, a member of the Board of Judges said:“I am very surprised with the understanding of culture and tourism of contestants. Many contestants integrated the introduction of personal memories, combining singing and dancing skills to make their introduction very attractive, drawing attraction from audiences... making people fall in love with Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa. I believe that if they can invest and practice, they will become the true "tourism messengers" of the Agarwood Land.

Nha Trang Tourism Messenger Contest is held from May 19 to June 28 with preliminary, studio, semi-final and final rounds. In addition to competitions recorded for broadcast and live television at the final, the competition also has 4 periods "Accompanying with Nha Trang Tourism Messenger" broadcasted on KTV channel with duration of 15 minutes / period.

The contestant who wins the first prize will receive VND 15 million and 1 tour; the second prize winner will receive 10 million VND and 1 tour; the third prize is 7 million VND and 1 tour. In addition, there are consolation prizes and other prizes. 

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