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  Cam Lam (Khanh Hoa): Ecotourism development promotion

Cam Lam District (Khanh Hoa) has numerous potential to develop ecotourism but not yet exploited effectively. Currently, local resources are being mobilized to develop local ecotourism in the coming time.

More tourism potentials

Currently, tourists mainly visit resort and enjoy fresh seafood in Cam Lam since there have not been any more-attractive type of tourism in the locality. In reality, conditions for ecotourism development in Cam Lam have been available, but they have not been effective due to inadequate investment. This may include garden tourism. There is a large area of mango gardens, but only Son Hien garden in Cam Thanh Bac makes use of garden tourism. Ms. Tran Thi Kim Hien, owner of Son Hien Garden said that the family had invested nearly 1 billion VND to create a landscape, fish pond, auxiliary works, flower gardens and more than 1.5 ha of mango attract visitors. In addition, the establishment also signed an agreement with travel agents, Bai Dai beach resort for receiving visitors. Visitors are given the opportunity to harvest, buy mango other products made from mango. It is expected that after the Lunar New Year, her garden will begin to welcome tourists.

This household is known as the pioneer in developing garden tourism in the locality. With other households, it is necessary to support more knowledge and cultivation techniques to improve product quality in order to develop the mango brand of Cam Lam and serve tourists with the best quality.

In addition, Thuy Trieu Lagoon has great potential for developing tourism associated with rivers and seas such as water sport games, canoes for visitors visiting Thuy Trieu ... With the route to Hon Ba, there is Da Giang Stream along the route, there have been some households doing business in catering and resting, but they are spontaneous and have no orientation for long-term development....

Speeding up tourism development

According to leaders of Cam Lam People's Committee, with the inherent potentials, it is necessary to diversify tourism products to attract tourists. Therefore, the District People's Committee has planned to develop ecotourism in the period 2018-2020 with an orientation to 2030. By 2020, it is expected that the revenue from tourism will increase by 19.5% per year, by 2030 reaching a surge of 25%. Within the plan targets, tourism resources in the district shall be exploited at its fullest capacity, tourism products must be associated with the locality; clean agricultural products shall be promoted so that agriculture and tourism both achieve their best development...

According to leaders of Cam Lam Information & Culture Department that is in charge of presiding over the implementation in the coming period, the locality will focus on developing four types of tourism: Garden tourism, Thuy Trieu lagoon; cultural tourism; eco-tourism of forests and streams. In particular, concerning the Garden tourism, the unit has approached and guided Son Hien Graden with procedures, orientation of tourism development. In addition, some household of mango orchards have been organized to study tourism experience in the West and will study experience in Quang Nam province in the coming time.

Ms. Mai Thi Thu Trang - Head of Cam Lam Information & Culture Department said that for tourism in Thuy Trieu lagoon, the coordination in the planning, construction of feasible projects for tourism development will be promoted. Also, the Department of Tourism and travel agents will carry out survey to determine feasible plans for tourism development. The district will also promote cultural tourism to uphold the value of cultural relics such as temples, pagodas ..., especially two relics belonging to the national monument complex such as Dr. A. Yersin's grave and Linh Son PhapAn Pagoda, combined with Gac Ma Soldiers Memorial Site. In relation to ecotourism with forests and streams, it will guide and encourage organizations and individuals to build ecotourism sites, take advantage of the sea and relics to design tours combining with bathing, leisure, sightseeing, fishing, exploring natur...

However, according to Ms.Trang, difficulty is lying in tourism policy because the province has not decentralized tourism management to district level; should it be implemented, the locality will only implement state management in terms of technical assistance, development orientation, loans ... "In 2019, we will enhance investment, promote tourism and tourism products in local media. Following that, it will be implemented step by step in coordination with other functional agencies in order to make use of resources that have not been effectively exploited for tourism development" Ms.Trang said./.

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