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 Paragliding a great potential for tourism development

According to experienced people, Khanh Hoa is one of the localities with favorable conditions to develop paragliding experience. The birth of Nha Trang Paragliding Club (CLB) is the foundation for creating paragliding activity as well as developing paragliding as a tourism product in the near future.

Bay dù lượn tại ‘èo Khánh Lê (Khánh Vĩnh).

Being introduced to Vietnam not long ago, however, paragliding is developing rapidly. Currently, there are about 300 professional paragliding players in about 10 paragliding clubs in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, KhanhHoa. The country has more than 20 locations that are allowed to hold paragliding activity, in which Khanh Hoa has two locations. In particular, Chin Khuc Mountain (Vinh Thai commune, Nha Trang city) and Khanh Le mountain pass (Son Thai commune, Khanh Vinh district), which is evaluated as one of the best paragliding destinations in Vietnam. Paragliding players in the country and abroad often come here for paragliding.

Nha Trang Paragliding Club was established in 2015 with 50 members, in which about 15 members regularly participate in paragliding activities inside and outside the province. During the operation, the club has made many contributions to this sport's management. The club leaders regularly monitor the information on domestic and international paragliding forums. When detecting groups or individuals who intend to fly spontaneously, they will immediately notify the localities having the fly spot for management.


In Vietnam, many localities have currently paid great attention to paragliding development to promote tourism. In particular, Yen Bai, Da Nang have repeatedly organized Paragliding Festival, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists. According to experienced people, Khanh Hoa has a great potential to develop paragliding sport as well as develop it into a tourism product for tourists, especially international tourists. According to Mr. Tran Hoang Kim, a paragliding coach of the Northern Air Club (Air Defense and Air Force), the   Paragliding locations at Chin Khuc Mountain and Khanh Le Mountain Pass are easy to organize, and have wonderful scenery, so it is very favorable to organize paragliding tours. In addition to paragliding experience, guests can also visit landscapes...

Recently, Nha Trang Paragliding Club has applied for permission of the Department of Culture - Sports to open a paragliding course with the desire to further develop this sport. Although the enthusiasm is redundant,Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - head of Nha Trang Paragliding Club said, it is not easy to scale up this kind of sport. Due to the special nature of paragliding, the club is also very strict in admitting members (only admitting those with good personalities); beside, each set of paragliding is about 50 million VND at its cheapest price, so not all enthusiasts can afford to participate. Developing paragliding with tourism to bring paragliding experience into tourism products is likely to be the best way. It would be better if enthusiasts could earn a living from this sport by working as coaches for the paragliding experience (accompanying customers).

Currently, Nha Trang Paragliding Club intends to associate with travel agents to organize, build and operate paragliding tours. "This sport is a great potential for tourism development; however, the including of paragliding in tours has still not been taken seriously. Visitors who wish to experience paragliding (flying with a coach) just need to learn movements upon taking off and landing, so it does not take long. According to our calculations, the cost of a paragliding package tour is about 2 million VND... so it is possible to develop this service" Mr. Thanh said.

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